InnoMaint Version 3.3.10

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We’re glad to unveil Release Notes V3.3.10 of InnoMaint with features fine tuned for enhancing your financial security and better control over AMC, ease of use of the application and meticulous reports for an even better user experience. 1. A new user role namely Security has […]

5 Key Benefits of Predictive Maintenance in the Manufacturing Industry

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Every industry requires maintenance to retain optimum functionality. Conventionally, maintenance was divided into two categories, i.e. Preventative Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance. Preventative maintenance refers to all the standard cautionary measures taken to avert or avoid a disaster. Corrective maintenance is exercised after a problem has […]

Full fledged IoT solutions for employee safety and deep visibility into visitor traffic with best-in-class team collaboration walkie-talkie app

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We have seen stringent lockdowns, lockdowns with relaxations, unlock safety guidelines for businesses and social gatherings etc. Even though several nations have been partially successful in combating the spread of the mutated covid-19 virus, the disease continues taking a toll on the people.  As a […]