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Top 10 Fastest-Growing CMMS Software from SaaSworthy

We thank SaaSworthy for ranking InnoMaint in the elite list. InnoMaint feels elated and
recognized as it has enriched the application for achieving completeness in Asset Management,
recently, with features like BLE Beacons for Precise Asset Tracking, OEE Monitoring, Asset Life
Cycle Management, Procurement, Inventory Management, etc. SaaSworthy ranks InnoMaint
based on the genuine merits and inputs from the active business community.

Corporate Vision Award

Corporate Vision is a monthly circulated magazine on digital platforms with a wide circulation
of around 155,000 business leaders and experts. We whole heartedly thank them for shining an
aura of light on InnoMaint with the award “Most Innovative Cloud-Based Maintenance
Management Software 2021”.

Top 5 Digital Maintenance Startups Impacting Healthcare
out of 280

StartUs Insights, an innovation intelligence company, helps entrepreneurs stay updated with
the latest I.T news & innovations. We profusely thank them for discerning the capability and
role of InnoMaint in keeping crucial medical equipment such as ventilators, oxygen
infrastructure running seamlessly without any compromise on quality and efficacy. It is
remarkable to note that we were ranked high among 280 candidates considered.

Awards from Software Suggest

Software Suggest widely known for linking top business software to B2B software solution
seekers which is a tight fit for various organizations has bestowed the following awards on

   Best Usability Award 2021
   Budget Friendly 2021

Honour by Digital

Moving forward we are humbled and inspired by the honour conferred on InnoMaint by Digital –
known for providing reviews of B2B software based on what real people say.Our listing under
the following categories stand a testimony to the usefulness and relevancy of our CMMS for
carrying out maintenance operations seamlessly during the pandemic period.

   The Best CMMS Software of 2021
   Best Field Service Management Software of 2021
    Best Preventive Maintenance Software of 2021

InnoMaint carries forward the excellence rendered to
reputed businesses worldwide previous year in to
2020 with brand new features, for:

   Smart team collaboration via revolutionary Walkie-Talkie(Push To Talk)
   Enforcement of Covid-19 SOP
    IoT integration with energy meters to achieve optimal utility costs
   PCM for deepest insights into visitor flow

Best Asset Tracking Software of 2020 from DIGITAL.COM

Digital, a leading independent review website, has conferred the award on InnoMaint based on
customer feedback, key features centered around assets such as RFID & GPS technology &
support for team collaboration.

Customers’ Choice & Most Popular Award from SoftwareSuggest

Corporate Vision is a monthly circulated magazine on digital platforms with a wide circulation
of around 155,000 business leaders and experts. We whole heartedly thank them for shining an
aura of light on InnoMaint with the award “Most Innovative Cloud-Based Maintenance
Management Software 2021”.

Best CMMS Software 2020 by GoodFirms

GoodFirms is an internationally acclaimed leading research, ratings & review platform based in
Washington DC. This award was given after their panel of experts went over the market
penetration, client feedback, quality, reliability & ability !

Recognition by CIOReview magazine

CIOReview, an eminent technology magazine published from Bangalore, lists InnoMaint under
“20 most promising field force solution providers” in the market.

Innomaint CMMS witnesses a spell of good fortune with several prominent software listing sites conferring awards &
positions of honour on the CMMS product. The first things that attract attention on our work order automation software are
quick adaptability, flexibility, leveraging of modern technologies to exercise a centralized control & excellent visibility of work
orders, provision for uninterrupted & quick communication via mobile app etc.

The home page of Innomaint showcases big names, in India and abroad, as their client. Large organizations such as Var
FMS, PHA, Maples
are our clients who continue to patronize us.

Rising Star award conferred by SoftwareSuggest

This means the CMMS shows the promise of working its way to the top. The award was
conferred on us for Summer 2019. From then, Innomaint has been rolling out delightful feature
enhancements striking the right balance between feature set and costs incurred.

Rising Star 2019 & Premium Usability 2019 award from FinancesOnline

These awards bestowed by FinancesOnline help millions of businesses compare B2B software
products. The site holds the pride of dramatic increase in visitor traffic ever since 2014 which is
now around 30 millions. We are humbled by the awards given to us by Finances Online.

For an informative review you may visit
A long review in most cases is not a deciding buying factor.
Top Field Service Management Software from GoodFirms
GoodFirms has earned a reputation as a trusted B2B software listing site known for its
exhaustive research. The site distinguishes competent business softwares from the weak and
ordinary ones in addition to gauging the degree of competence. Innomaint currently tops the
categorized directory of Good Firms. Innomaint has moved up the ranking to a significant level
compared to yester years.
Great User Experience Certification & Rising Star 2019 award from CompareCamp
CompareCamp is a leading online resource for product comparisons. The two awards were given to acknowledge how efficient and popular Innomaint CMMS is among online maintenance management programs currently available in the market.The site provides solutions and recommendations to every modern business needs.
Great User Experience Award was bestowed on Innomaint for having smoothly reconciled varying workflow needs through its robust features that speed up and simplify maintenance management.
A 9/10 overall user rating from Capterra
Capterra is a site with a unique reputation of being the first among business software review sites, to be in the field. Apart from the regular listing Capterra has also taken painstaking efforts to provide a comparison of Innomaint with close competitors based on several criteria that influence purchase decision. These popular comparisons are a must-read for any business to gain knowledge on the competitive advantage that Innomaint has in store for its prospective customers.

ComparaSoftware Listing

Innomaint is listed by ComparaSoftware, a valued B2B data provider headquartered in Chile. It is important to note the fact that their site shows early up in the search results of serach engines for entire latin american region for maintenance related keywords. The site is known to link the right user with the right software.

Top rated CMMS Software award from

The software review platform provides reliable reviews and ranking on a huge variety of B2B software solutions for various industries. They present the award on a collective basis of various key aspects such as user satisfaction, social media buzz, online presence, genuineness of website content and other relevant information. Their badge is a meritorious one for any business software website.
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