How Do Faster Service Improve HVAC Business?

InnoMaint Admin

How Do Faster Service Improve HVAC Business Obviously Flight… Because flight is a comfortable and fastest mode of travel…. Similarly everyone will like to have faster method to reach goals. As a customer you look for a faster service in any organizations, especially in HVAC […]

3 Major advantages of automation in preventive maintenance

InnoMaint Admin

3 Major Advantages of Automation in Preventive Maintenance As an entrepreneur or a person in top management you may wonder why preventive maintenance is necessary or important. There is a common saying in English “prevention is better than cure”. It is better to prevent problems […]

Rebranding: InnoAssist is now InnoMaint

Yadavan Dharmarajan

We are happy to announce that we are rebranding the product as InnoMaint! Idea behind InnoAssist name was to provide innovative assistance to the industry or any service business users to help and support their maintenance process to execute smoothly, effectively. We have launched our […]

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