how 3 tech trends can simplify facility maintenance management

3 Trends How Technology Can Simplify Facility Maintenance Management

The facilities management software industry is expected to experience massive growth by the end of 2023. According to a 2018 facilities management market forecast by Technavio, the market value will go over the $678- billion mark within the 2019-2023 period, reflecting an impressive 12% compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

The introduction of the CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) software provided enterprises, facilities managers, and other facilities management professionals a singular platform where their tasks, processes, schedules, and data are centralized. Data are no longer stored in silos, which means all tasks, actions, and decisions are based on a single version of the truth. Communication among and between teams and departments is smooth and clear, resulting in more productive collaboration and better results.

As existing technologies advance and new innovations come into play, the facilities maintenance management sector will continue to grow and thrive. The demand for better, faster, and more secure facilities management solutions will never wane as long as the following technologies keep on evolving and make facility maintenance management a breeze.

1. Manage Facilities in the Cloud

Among the major factors that fuel global facility maintenance management system demand and adoption is the need to move business-critical processes and systems to the cloud. This is supported by a recent survey administered by LogicMonitor, wherein 83% of enterprise workload will be performed in the cloud by 2020.

Among the many benefits of using cloud-based CMMS include the ease of access, scalability, reliability, and security as primary reasons that drive cloud migration of essential tasks and processes. Tools and applications hosted in the cloud have proven to be more stable and reliable, enabling users to perform productively with little to no disruption due to slow performance, and faulty equipment and devices.

Critical data are stored away in secure cloud-based storage hubs. Via secure login portals, Users can easily access information and tools, view their tasks, enter new updates, and more from anywhere in the world. Workers, teams, and their subsidiaries can communicate and collaborate even if they are working from different locations.

By operating in the cloud, facility maintenance management services providers are able to expedite the delivery of high-quality facility maintenance and management services. Top class, high-value service, along with the expert tips found in the consumer reviews guide, will definitely catapult their consumer trust and ratings and boost the growth of their business.

2. Automate Schedules, Tasks and Other Critical Processes

With the aid of an automated facility management system, facility managers automate a myriad of mundane facility management processes such as generating status reports, delegating tasks to the most qualified personnel, activating mechanisms once certain conditions are met, and more. The benefits of automation include faster and more accurate processes, enhanced productivity, and minimization of human errors to name a few.

For instance, preventive maintenance is a critical facet in the management of facilities and assets. Determining its ideal schedule as well as its scope as accurate and as efficient as possible is a paramount concern for management and maintenance personnel.

By leveraging an automated facility management system, facility managers can automate the most optimal preventive maintenance schedule based on a thorough machine-powered analysis of real-time data and other factors. Along with the automation benefits mentioned above, other advantages of automated preventive maintenance are the reduction of maintenance costs and the prolonged service lives of facilities and other assets.

By automating exhaustive and time-intensive routines, facility managers and management teams can focus on more critical and pressing concerns and issues without worrying about missing opportunities and making catastrophic mistakes.

3. Make Facility Management Smarter with AI

The entry of automated facility management solutions has increased the efficiency and productivity of facility managers and professionals all over the world. By eliminating the manual element from most of their responsibilities, facilities maintenance and management workers are able to hone in their focus on crucial tasks and goals that add more value to their organization.

With artificial intelligence or AI, things can get much better. AI-powered facility maintenance management applications are able to perform tasks with little to no human intervention. These actions can include scheduling inspections and repairs, creating requests for replacements, assigning critical tasks to the most qualified personnel, and so on.

Tools and systems driven by AI can work tirelessly outside working hours. This is ideal for monitoring assets, equipment, and machinery that are nearing critical thresholds. In some companies, the AI can make and implement crucial decisions like suspending operations or rerouting power based on the information it has on hand and the gravity of the situation.

In 2018, Google started using AI to manage and automatically adjust the cooling systems of the company’s buildings. The move saved the tech giant 40% energy consumption for their cooling systems.

By incorporating AI, enterprises are able to significantly increase efficiency and productivity, bring down operational expenses to an impressive level, and further increase compliance and safety in the workplace among other benefits.

Invest in Modern Facilities Maintenance Management

Checklists and spreadsheets are a thing of the past.  The cloud, automation, and AI are just some of the many technologies that will reshape the way facilities maintenance management is done.

There is no stopping the progress of technology and its impact on business, particularly in facilities management. Now is the high time to invest and bring in a more modern approach to making your facilities more productive and cost-effective assets in your enterprise.

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