Innomaint 2.4.2

Innomaint Asset Maintenance & Field Service Management Software Release of Version 2.4.2

To upgrade the user experience we have made the following useful feature additions or modifications to Asset Maintenance Software(AMS) &  Field Service Software(FSM) 2.4.1. The two variants of your Innomaint application shall update by itself without any action from your side.

1. As a value addition, QR Code Generation feature has been provided. QR codes can be generated & printed for all instances of asset models, at once.

2.Tentative time of arrival of the service engineers shall be provided to the customer. This time can be viewed by Admin & customer under the Service Technician tab.

3. In addition to the existing set of task status of Service Engineer (for Breakdown tickets), Request for support has been added.

This filter indicates the cases where the cause of asset breakdown has been fixed but some other issue or deviation from an expected functioning has been detected by the technician which has to be attended by a technician of some other department. 

4. In the asset performance report, we’ve provided a summary report for the selected criteria for a quick glance. 

5. Location head can now assign service tasks to himself (Applicable only for AMS)

6.  Feedback Report – The comments given by Service Technicians for the tickets are now included in Feedback Report section(Applicable only for FSM).

The comments can also be viewed under Service Engineer tab of view mode of the ticket.

7.  You can make the service technicians to check in with QR Codes. All the task details can be embedded in the QR Code…

8. Autocomplete entries appear while customer creates a new ticket. These entries are based on similar defects raised for the asset model. Upon customer choosing the available defect, the solution for it will be available for the service engineer as illustrated in the screenshot below:

9. For an individual asset, we can obtain a history with information on ticket, schedule and the spare change in a single page and it is exportable as excel, pdf.

10.  Now you can easily view spare parts usage report filtered by date.

11. Now Admin can have a glance and monitor the spare parts stock via Mobile App.

12. The label Working With Problem in Create Ticket pop-up has been changed to Complaint

13. To Prevent duplicate ticket creation for an asset, the asset status is set as ‘Stopped’

Service Contractor Head shall henceforth be able to login to the application only via Mobile app. Service Contractors will be able to attend to Breakdown tickets and Preventive maintenance tasks.

14. While creating a Service Contractor user, a Service Contractor Head is also created and mapped with the Service Contractor

The user role gets mapped by default under service contractor user.

15. Operation Manager role has been created. This user shares similar privileges with Super admin. For FSM users belonging to this role type can be created.

16. Now tickets shall be created automatically for partially completed PPM tasks which needs to be assigned to some other service engineer. Prior to the latest release this was manual.

Once the status is chosen as partially completed, instantly you can view the corresponding task ID & newly generated ticket ID.

17. Scheduled PPM task reports and Breakdown ticket reports shall automatically be mailed to the customer as ‘Pdf’ files adhering to ISO 32000-2 standards, based on the Admin preferences.

In addition, customer needs to enable email notifications in his login session.

18. The location hierarchy is now provided for FSM customers which helps service engineers to easily identify the asset mentioned in the ticket. Location now comprises of Building, Floor, Department.

Prior to the latest release Location was a single field that could be mapped against user & asset


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Never Miss an Innomaint Update


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