Dubai 2040 Mega Urban Plan for boosting FM industry

Going by the estimate, the manpower requirement for Facility services will be around 3,00,000 to sustain the plan.

The 2040 mega-urban master plan has a great scope to play in the coming years with its exclusive strategic announcements which in turn shall play a key role in the booming resurgent economy after the uncertainties of the pandemic which brought us down.

Facility Management role in enhancing comfort

The Facility Management role in the vision of manufacturing, tourism, housing and other fields shows an evolving & promising role. The Facility Management sector role in these developments will be a pivotal one and be indispensable for enhancing the comfort of inmates and visitors of the facility.

Facility Management’s contribution for ‘Go-Green’

With a 134% giant leap in expenditure in lavish spending for hospitality, leisure, education & few other sectors, the Economy shows good signs of recovery and comeback with a bang. The ‘Go Green’ initiative campaign also evokes a good response as a part of Facility Management Software. We’ve made such value additions to InnoMaint’s Computer Aided Facility Management(CAFM) Software.

A solid step towards sustainable energy & environmental care

Through InnoMaint’s CAFM Software you’ll be able to introduce the ‘Go Green’ concept and start realizing the results in a short-term  multi-fold helping you in fulfilling the care and concern for environment, workforce, quality of living and regulatory compliance etc. Act swiftly to capitalize on this master plan which is going to rule the future! You can also swiftly exercise control on the highest utility costs in running a business.

IoT integration lets Facility Managers go deep

This plan lines up several opportunities for the FM sector to transform the facilities in a smarter & exciting approach. The industries interested have to acquire intelligent sensors which are electronic devices. Your InnoMaint CAFM is smart enough to configure, interact with the devices and even step down electric power, gas or water usage. Pre-defined schedules can automatically alert the relevant stakeholders with real-time data. This makes it possible for Facility Managers to have deep insights into instant visibility of usage of the facility by its inmates & visitors.

Best time to infuse changes in facility administration

The integration between Artificial Intelligence, people, process, technology, sensors, assets by means of automation is a boon to the people of the current generation with a definitive role in the service offering. The master plan also reminds the service providers that the time is ripe now for infusing changes in their mode of delivery of services, switching over to modern trends, upgrade their capabilities to prep for future demands.

FM companies need to constantly update themselves with new techniques, modern technologies and best practices in delivering facility services to reduce repairs and contribute to increased productivity.

Team collaboration at its best

InnoTalk walkie talkie in the form of mobile app is an offering for aligning the teams in the facility working at remote locations to receiving instant help in the form of voice messages on work orders  in a most cost-effective way, devise quick emergency plans, be up to date with domain knowledge via RSS & Internal news feed etc.

Tackle covid-19 challenges with full automation without human intervention

Considering the need of the hour with second waves of the cruel pandemic creating panic for another stint the FM industry is in a crucial need to embrace full automation with massive innovation which will also help in upskilling the staff and promote workplace safety in conjunction with fully automated covid-19 screening solution, people count & visitor management solutions

With the proliferation in Dubai population scaling 5 million mark, the pressure on maintenance and achieving the sustainability goals became tremendous and so many organizations have kick-started digital transformation  to safeguard their reputation, bottom lines, standards of service, safety, compliance etc with a long term vision.

Automate To Simplify Facility Management Process

Embrace Digital transformation

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