Facility Maintenance Software (FMS) Release of Version 1.2.2

Released on 22nd May 2019

1) Dashboard has been modified with “Name of the user” instead of showing the “Role” in Web & Mobile.

All Notification

Dashobard Role Name

2) Menu label has been changed from Settings to “Security”.


3) Super Admin & Operation manager can, Active / Deactivate the users, In the User Management screen.

User Status

4) In the Service Request process, “Assigned to” & “Created By” columns have been displayed in the Web application for Site inspection, AMC Process, Notifications, All type of service requests.

Site Inspection

5) Site Inspection task can be reassigned to other Technician has been completed for Web users . This is applicable for Project coordinator & Operation manager, Service Coordinator, Super Admin.

Site Inspection

6) Site inspection can be handle in both web and mobile applications.

Site Inspection

7) All type of Application notifications done for web users.

All Notification

FMS Product admin side – Interim Release Notes

8) Entry point to the FMS application has been modified through the innoMaint login page.

Mobile Login

9) Product admin can create users for FMS by their own.

10) InnoMaint logo has been fixed as a default logo, the super admin can replace their own company logo instead of default logo in system settings screen.

11) Product admin can give a trial for FMS also through the Product admin.

12) Mobile app login entry point has been changed to innomaint, earlier it was innofms.

13) FMS Trial notification email for customer’s has been updated with correct details and innoMaint logo.


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