InnoMaint-FMS-Version 1.2.1

FMS Release of Version 1.2.1

Released on 4th Apr 2019

1) Task on hold: If the Technician is not able to complete the work order Breakdown/PPM (Planned Preventive Maintenance) activity within the day they should have option to Pause the work and resume when they again perform the task.

Custom Package

2) Technician Site Inspection Review in mobile application.

  • Check-in date and time, Check-out Date and Time, Scope of work, feasibility of the work.
  • Description of the issue, UOM – Sqft, No of units, Number of Man Hours.
  • If the work is not feasible due to door lock or other reasons, Application should provide options to capture the image of the site.
  • Project coordinator can assign the site inspection work to himself and do the work instead of Technician.
  • List all the asset for Technician’s view.
  • Give option to write the Description of the asset and numbers.
  • When Task Assigned to the Technician he can provide the cost estimation. Details of the cost should be in estimation screen.
  • During Facility inspection, If the Technician feels that this Asset/place is not suitable for AMC compliance and should provide the option for him to capture the image.

Custom Request1

3) Reminder & Escalation:

  • Escalation – Technicians not accepted the break down or PPM task in a given time frame system will be escalated to the roles configured to the escalation.
  • Escalation – For customers who did not pay the amount with in the due date, system should escalate to the configured roles.
  • When ever PPM / Break down task assigned system should give a reminder to Project Coordinator & Technician.
  • Reminders configured and sent for AMC Renewal for configured roles.
  • Reminder – Next Due payment for customer and copied to project coordinator, technical manager.
  • Escalate: Customer feedback for average and below average.
  • Reminder – Delay in sending quotation by project coordinator & Service Contractor.


4) Custom Package – Define a custom package the Help desk can define the custom package specific Category & Sub-Category.

  • All the task added in the configuration page will be displayed in the Custom package page.
  • Help Desk executive can select the Category and Task based on customer choice. After selecting the task based on the number of unit the total amount will be added.


5) New role named “Buyer” will be added and he can add the spare parts stock based on reorder level notification.

6) SLA – numbers can be configured by the Super Admin for all the activity and Email notification will be triggered for all SLA breach.


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