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Free Ebook on EAM: A Guide to comprehensive asset management with modern technology

Digital transformation differentiates between industry startups and seasoned players in the market. As digitization continues to penetrate several business functions, it is being increasingly adopted for internal maintenance operations too!

InnoMaint has come up with an E-book to lend a helping hand to the business community who wish to carry out maintenance operations internally in a hassle-free and efficient manner with great returns on investment.

Gather all the information necessary to evaluate an Enterprise Asset Management software against the unique maintenance needs of your organization. Find the right and best fit EAM system for your maintenance teams keeping in mind your primary business goals, technological, functional, and scalability-related shortcomings and pain points you face with manual and traditional approaches to maintenance management, etc.

The E-book guides maintenance managers to invest wisely in mastering the art of maintenance management. It sheds light on the modern technology that helps you achieve excellence in maintenance management while improving the average response time, first-time fix rates, and service turnaround time – all with a limited workforce and minimum budget.

Learn how easy it is to gain a holistic real-time view of your stationary and moving assets to optimize their performance, deploy them based on business needs, safeguard them, and optimize maintenance costs. The visibility comes via a mobile app in a completely wireless setup at pocket-friendly rates.

Read about gathering accurate data on operations and reviewing them at the speed of your mind 24×7 from anywhere. End long-term problems of emergency breakdowns by gaining knowledge on the right mix of maintenance strategies that work out wonders bringing all business stakeholders closer in a single digital pipeline. The book lets you realize that you can make huge volumes of work order backlogs an identity of the past!

After reading this Ebook, you will know:

  • Why do companies switch to an EAM to manage their maintenance and repair works.
  • How digital technologies transform and elevate asset management standards.
  • How to opt for EAM software that will alleviate your pain points regarding maintenance management.
  • How to reason out the rationale for asset decisions.
  • The stunning benefits IoT technologieshave in reserve for your facilities after covering essential aspects.

EAM FREE Ebook Banner

Familiarize yourself with measuring the performance of business locations, assets, service engineers, etc., to set performance goals and establish good performance digitally without any strain.

Acquire tips for best practices on inventory and spare parts management, reducing the unnecessary stress and burden on the shoulders of your maintenance supervisors, simplifying the process of work request submission, etc.

A well-created work order with clear and complete information on problem statements, raised as soon as a defect is noticed and routed into the system amounts to 50% of completion, isn’t it? Gain a fair idea of new-age technologies and powerful workflows to achieve this.

Visualize the usefulness of features and optional modules. Have further questions? Feel free to approach our experts for guidance on choosing a package that fits your business needs.

Download, read, and share the valuable resource with your business contacts.

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