How Can a CMMS Aids in Medical Assets Operation 24/7  with Peak Efficiency?

A significant glitch faced by most businesses these days in maintenance operations. Thus, the role of the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is of utmost importance as it amplifies the overall efficiency and decision-making of the pharma manufacturing businesses. Delve below to learn about the significance of CMMS in functioning medical assets and how it helps enhance overall productivity.

How Does CMMS Works?

CMMS is a professional software designed by experts that help in keeping track of assets, work orders, preventive maintenance, equipment, safety compliance, workflow, expenses and inventory management. It also streamlines the working process by increasing the operational capacity of various medical assets to ensure their fullest optimization.

The pharma manufacturing companies need CMMS to attain maximum efficiency from their medical assets with its proper maintenance. It is a perfect software solution to gain insights into the maintenance, trends and functionality of the company assets.

Healthcare facilities are asset-intensive ones. Nowadays technologies in almost all spheres of the health industry are evolving for continous improvement. Hence it is high time health care and biomedical equipment maintenance need to be performed digitally ditching the ineffective and non-scalable paper, excel sheet based approaches which fail miserably when subject to handling heavy loads of maintenance work.

A CMMS address the time-bound maintenance needs with a crystal clear transparency into the progress of your workforce and you can check if they work in line with priorities. Ascertain you’re providing an optimal and high-quality physical environment to maximize patient safety and satisfaction, minimize asset downtime to least levels and completely shield your critical assets from power outages and other handicaps. Reinvent your hospital facility management with Innomaint healthcare CMMS software.

Items in the inventory such as surgical equipment, X-ray machines, ECG machines, Scan & Imaging devices, generators, physiotherapy equipment, PPE, masks, gloves, sanitizers etc. Need to be arranged categorically and located easily for availability on need. Devices which are constantly moved within the hospital such as portable X-ray machines, trolleys, stretchers etc. Need to be tracked precisely for timely interventions, effective co-ordination and delivering outstanding performance. An IoT based CMMS can help you in this regard and in the attainment of important NABH accredition and ISO certification as it records every data and operations accurately with instant mobile access capabilities.

Benefits of CMMS for Enhancing Efficiency of Medical Assets to Its Peak

  1. Better efficacy: CMMS minimizes the waste of resources, money and time by smartly planning maintenance schedules. It further results in balancing the production schedules as well as ensuring better inventory availability.
  2. Efficiency of equipment: CMMS automates various processes like scheduling inspections and tackling repair costs or maintenance issues. Better wear and tear of medical assets increases their life and reduces the expenses incurred on maintenance activities.
  3. Lesser downtime: Downtime might result in higher costs when it comes to revenue loss due to the damages to the organisation’s reputation and brand. Minimal downtime of medical assets further leads to decreased repairs and service costs.
  4. Higher Productivity: Tracing work progress helps diminish the backlogs and stay at par with the production plans, as well as set realistic budgets. Maintenance management software can also notify when the asset will start operating back to ensure resuming back of work without any delays.

Final Thoughts

With the increasing demand for pharma contract manufacturing models, there has been a surge in demand for the productivity generated through medical assets in the companies. The use of CMMS Software solution can prove advantageous here in many ways. Incorporate it into your system for better growth and profitability of your businesses.


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