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How CMMS Software Facilitates Real-time Data Analysis and Reporting in Oil & Gas Maintenance

Role of the Oil & Gas Industry

The oil & gas industry delivers people the bulk of their daily energy needs for electricity generation, heating, and cooling, cooking, transportation, etc. It is inseparably associated with complexities and unique challenges. The laborers work in far-flung and hostile environments. It is becoming increasingly expensive and difficult to extract energy. Business owners seek opportunities to maximize investments and minimize operating expenses.

Why CMMS for Oil & Gas business?

Business owners appreciate access to relevant operational data that is precise, reliable, and timely. Leading oil and gas agencies use computerized maintenance management software(CMMS) to organize the maintenance of their refineries, eradicate sudden equipment repairs that hits productivity and costs heavily to reinstate the equipment to working condition. A capable CMMS improves emergency response with simple but powerful workflows. It lends a helping hand in meeting safety and statutory regulations and helps dilute the higher degree of risks inherent in the installation and extraction process.

Go beyond preventive maintenance for deep savings

An Oil & Gas CMMS automates preventive, predictive, and corrective maintenance. Oil & Gas industry was one of the earliest adopters of predictive maintenance. A stitch in time saves nine. As the oil & gas business involves robust machinery, an IoT-based Condition monitoring technique anticipates when the equipment nears failure with abnormal operating parameters and automatically alerts the stakeholders. Go a step deeper in cost savings by avoiding overdoing preventive maintenance.

Environmental Care and Operator’s Safety

In certain instances, critical equipment failures may cause spills and leaks that harm operators and environmental health. It calls for frequent inspections daily. It is common to forget or skip certain tasks. Hence automate inspection tasks to receive mobile alerts on each task due for the day. Maintenance supervisors can add schedules to educate and remind workers about safety practices to address safety concerns.

CMMS for Large-Scale Oil & Gas operations

A project undertaken by Oil & Gas business involves many equipment, installations, and technicians. Important events such as turnarounds may last up to a few months. If companies ignore maintenance for several months, it will magnify the losses due to turnarounds and shutdowns with the flagging of additional issues and prolonging of shifts. Oil and gas operations generate numerous readings. It will be challenging to extract useful operational metrics from the vast pool of data without the right tools. A CMMS comes into the scene here with predictive analytics abilities.

Oil & Gas operations at optimum efficiency 

With superior automation and top-notch visibility management, InnoMaint’s Oil and Gas Enterprise Asset Management software helps everyone in the field work at optimum efficiency. Techs easily navigate the application and carry out their work with clear and easily interpreted instructions with images, voice, or video illustrations. Regular maintenance using a digital solution reduces maintenance expenses while enhancing productivity levels. Employees are more productive, exhibiting better communication and contributing to improved processes.

Real-Time Technician Tracking

Admin can track a technician’s movement in transit with Geo-Location Tracking for much-needed transparency on travel and reporting. The free mobile app automatically reports various aspects of technician performance eliminating manual reporting. Maintenance supervisors can rely on the high degree of accuracy of the real-time data reported by the cloud-based maintenance application.

With automation, work order management is a gentle breeze. Supervisors can manage oil & gas assets effortlessly at all stages of their lifecycle by just assigning work orders with visibility of real-time workload, attaching priority labels, sending automatic mobile alerts, setting reminders, deadlines, etc. They can catch up with correspondence while on the move and view information on any closed, outstanding, or scheduled work orders from a 52-week PPM calendar.

 Oil & Gas inventory management

An EAM can provide crystal clear visibility into inventory stock, inward and outward movements across the inventory. It hints at the spare demand for the current year based on previous usages, help you procure spares by comparing various quotes and choosing the best, etc. Save inventory costs significantly by preventing purchases, losses due to theft, etc. No more manual filing the invoices, purchase orders, and quotes. We live in the digital age!

Data analytics rich Dashboard

Maximize performance of all oil & gas assets and measuring instruments with data analytics rich EAM/CMMS application. With customizable Dashboard, you can select the Key Performance Indicator(KPI) metrics that matter the most. Know asset health, maintenance costs, Preventive Maintenance compliance, equipment downtime trends, etc. requiring immediate attention with a quick view of the Dashboard from anywhere.

Accelerate Decision making with customized reports

Speed up your decisions to improve productivity and meet the market demands with consolidated reports on every aspect of maintenance, such as performance report, transactional report, asset movement report, spare report, IoT reports, and much more. Simplify equipment maintenance for the benefit of all stakeholders of the maintenance management business. A CMMS helps you reduce downtime by 50%, improve repair time by 30% and maximize asset life expectancy time. Simplify day-to-day operations by emulating the successful path of leading Oil & Gas companies!

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