How Digital Audits Contribute to the Success of Asset Maintenance 

Significance of Audit
An internal audit of the business operations carried out with reliable data will uncover details such as the history of equipment purchase, usage, breakdown, repairs, maintenance expenses, disposal, etc. A regular audit will showcase the importance of organized maintenance management and its substantial effect on impacting the production cycle and profit margins.

Role of a CMMS in simplifying audits
In this analysis phase, the company analyses current maintenance practices and explores ways and means to strategize its maintenance and utility operations for good performance with seamless production cycles. An internal audit can serve as a rehearsal for an external audit. A CMMS can speed up and simplify audits, recording the maintenance data on every transaction and task digitally in centralized cloud storage.

Digitization of Audits & Maintenance
The rush of day-to-day events of a business firm makes it difficult to store, gather, relate, preserve & verify the authenticity and integrity of the data. Unorganized approaches to maintenance, centered on heaps of papers & excel sheets, can complicate failure analysis defeating the purpose of conducting an audit – continuous process improvement. Many firms have started digitizing their maintenance and audit operations.

Why periodic audits?
The multifaceted nature of business operations & mounting pressures to contain service expenses necessitates periodic audits. A CMMS helps you establish a baseline or benchmark for performance and compare the performance on work orders between technicians. The above processes are important objectives of an internal audit. A good CMMS can make your audits stress-free. 

Enhanced transparency in operations
A well-performed audit enhances the traceability of assets, transparency in operations, and records interventions in maintenance. A CMMS fosters transparent culture as it maintains a complete history of work orders from procurement to disposal

Advantages of Digital Audits For long-range improvement, you require an in-depth audit to sustain the process improvements, plan training requirements and empower the line supervisors and maintenance managers with crystal clear visibility into the big picture of maintenance from the comfort of a hang-out spot, home, or while on the go. A modern CMMS like Innomaint can provide you with all the above-stated capabilities to rise over all the maintenance challenges and move you closer to successful audits. 

Instant report generation
Simplify audits by instantly bringing up reports requested by the auditor in just a few clicks. Generate comprehensive and versatile reports in a few minutes to arrive at data-driven decisions based on audit results. You auditor can have an eagle’s view on the entire spectrum of maintenance activities sitting comfortably in a chair. 

Fixed Asset Auditing
InnoMaint has recently launched a new feature, “Fixed Asset Auditing.” The workflow ensures that primary assets are in the locations indicated by the sensors for safety purposes. You can assess current asset value digitally by several prevailing depreciation calculation methods. The final audit report reveals ghosts assets, damaged and unusable ones, etc.

QR-code scanning 
Generate and associate unique QR-codes with each tangible asset owned by the organization. You can embed comprehensive asset information in QR codes and pull out this information together through an instant QR code mobile scan. You thereby ensure completeness, accuracy, and updation of information for audit

Embrace Digital Revolution Many enterprises have started foreseeing the benefits of digitization and digital audits. The popularity of digital transformation of businesses is on the rise. Embrace the change for a brighter tomorrow! 

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