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How does service CRM software help widen the profitability of the field service business?

Why service CRM software?

A Service CRM software fuels the growth of the Field service business. It empowers the service technicians to deliver world-class field service during on-site interactions. In addition to automation of regular field service functions such as job scheduling, real-time technician tracking, attendance management, AMC Management, Inventory Management, invoicing, etc. It provides marketers, sales reps, and techs with a 360-degree view of the customer.

360 Degree customer view

It is a common misconception to judge customers or prospects needs, motivations, or perspectives on your products and services, and what they do just based on recent or current interactions. Staff needs access to the entire service history, customization requests, and interaction details along with exact timelines for understanding the context of a service query. Accessing all this information at once using Excel sheets is difficult and impractical. A 360-degree customer view using a service CRM software is the only way ahead.

It’s important to gather as many perspectives as possible based on their interactions with business touchpoints along their customer journey. It helps campaign personalizations, lowers marketing costs, and strengthens fruitful customer relationships, devising a strategy that minimizes negative experiences while prioritizing positive ones.

Service CRM for building customer loyalty

Regular use of service CRM for combining the efforts of sales, marketing, and help desk activities improves meaningful engagement with customers, cultivates trust, and cements customer relationships. It reduces churn rates and saves team efforts with effective and consistent experiences. Businesses must remember that they deal with digitally savvy buyers and equip themselves to find a great opportunity.

Why FIELD SERVICE CRM over Excel sheets?

Maintaining a customer database is disheartening due to difficulties in updation, duplicate elimination, fetching records that match search criteria quickly, etc. Service CRM software comes as your magic bullet in solving all problems related to the organization of data, data accuracy, sorted view of customers, loss of focus in sales activities, difficulties in devising best marketing campaigns, delivering solutions best for the situation, temperament of the customer, and based on the complete history of field service. Such a CRM can readily integrate with your cloud and mobile app-based Field Service Management Software.

CRM Expands Boundaries of Fieldwork

FSM Application complemented with a CRM enables service engineers to quickly acquire spares with flexible workflows to store them in customer locations or service companies; obtain quick approvals for using the spare to fix the defect; capture real-time photos & annexing it with the digital work orders for strengthening their contention on fixes; use customer interaction data to upsell or cross-sell products of their choice, on the spot.

Field service CRM for service transparency 

Give your customers the freedom to book service requests 24/7 via a free mobile app. Transparency in work is the first and foremost aspect any customer loves. Provide it with a Dashboard rich with KPIs on the performance of assets, service engineers; the ratio of outstanding tasks; instantly generated reports covering every aspect of service, etc. Promote customer retention by offering mutually beneficial AMCs, offers with instant retrieval of service data, easy AMC renewals, a mechanism to track payment, etc. Obtain digital signatures, 5-star ratings on fixes & engineer’s approach, feedback, etc. Address any displeasure quickly with the flexibility in re-assigning tickets based on real-time insights into the workload of all techs at the time of assignment.

Save time automating regular tasks

Save up to 2 hours a day for a customer by quickly generating invoices, faster collaboration with other technicians by network & RSS Feeds, reuse of knowledge of seniors for past incidents, quicker arrival at the spot with route optimization and auto-assign feature. Thus customers can help techs choose the shortest or best route for the situation. Maintenance supervisors can help them take fuel-efficient routes and automate mileage calculations.

Techs can better manage time with attendance management, check-in and check-out comments, and access to clear-cut digital checklists for carrying out work in the correct sequence without missing any steps. A good field service CRM such as InnoMaint makes it simple to understand work instructions with clear image attachments, annotated screenshots, videos, and voice messages. So there is no situation where the technician can delay progress and be confused!

Results achieved using service CRM

A service CRM will highlight the top-valued deals for the month in the CRM Dashboard and overdue invoices. It helps you successfully align, prioritize and tweak sales and marketing campaigns.

The results obtained using a service CRM are:

  • Increased sale revenue by 30%
  • Improved customer retention by 36%
  • Increased lead conversion rates by up to 35%

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