Preventive Maintenance

How Innomaint Cloud CMMS Can Help to Outperform Your Existing Manual Tracking of Preventive Maintenance

Still using spreadsheets to stay on top of preventive maintenance, work orders, your equipment and spare parts. Guess what? You’re not alone.

Based on our analysis around 45% of the industries are still using manual methods to track preventive maintenance and work order manual methods such us excel sheets or even paper based manual maintenance methods.

Our analytics result shows 75% of the people are searching for a Cloud CMMS system to simplify and automate their current maintenance process and 90% of the decision makers are researching on Cloud CMMS to increase efficiency, tracking and managing work orders, preventive maintenance effectively.

Sounds familiar ?

Here are some facts to enlighten you how Innomaint can outperform spreadsheets for tracking preventive maintenance, work orders, and more.

Cloud CMMS software outperforms spreadsheets or any other manual process by;
  • Automating and improving preventive maintenance
  • Simplifying tracking of work orders and repair history
  • Automating email alerts, and reminders
  • Improving responsiveness for tenants and customers
  • Faster service using mobile application and instant notifications

To Automate Your Preventive Maintenance Process

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