How Modern CMMS Automates Maintenance Management In Your Facility

We are Vijay Global Services, a software development company in India. We’ve helped scores of customers across the globe in improving the operational efficiency and capabilities of their businesses via our reliable processes. Since 2006, we have been in the business of providing cutting edge, innovative & intuitive solutions via our cloud-based equipment maintenance management system and continue to surpass our client’s expectations. We understand the need for interdepartmental collaboration while maintaining equipments.

Large organizations have complex corporate ecosystems that comprise of diverse teams right down to the grass-roots level. It is highly recommendable to have an established rock solid interdepartmental communication system.

Industrial revolution 4.0 standards

Well developed nations like U.S.A were forerunners of the trend as businesses there have turned to Industrial revolution 4.0 and this move was proven to yield significant returns on investment. That’s why developing nations are emulating the trend to modernize the businesses and make the maintenance management convenient, effective, smart and maximize productivity.

The standards laid down for the latest industrial revolution call for digitization of every business data. Team collaboration is a broader term which cannot just be limited to mere “cooperation” with other teams in your organization. Indecisive communication and disorganization are ruled out by full fledged digitization. A CMMS fosters interdepartmental communication.

Such standards emphasize on the blend of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence with Human Expertise and mandate the association of each asset or equipment with sensors. As business leaders may know, Big data refers to enormously large data sets that is intended to be analyzed computationally to bring out trends, patterns and associations, in regards to human behaviour and interactions. Big data is also known as ‘predictive analytics’. In brief, such data is so huge and complex that it calls for specialized data management tools for storage, processing and providing useful & insightful report based on which maintenance management decisions can be taken at various levels.

Introduction to CMMS

Let’s dive into the world of maintenance management system.

Various departments of each organization work in unison to fulfill the mission of the organization. A systematic and computerized approach leveraging the modern technology is necessary for automation of work order and effective management of maintenance of asset and facilities. CMMS is the acronym for Computerized Maintenance Management System. The term was coined way back in early 1980’s when the PC revolution started and companies commenced computerization of manufacturing and design gradually. Initially the capabilities of CMMS were limited in scope and power. However with the advent of modern technologies, CMMS have become smart in providing various additional and amazing features.

Let’s look at some of the key advantages of having such a system integrated into your production pipeline.

i) Digitizes all equipments, assets & facilities so that it covers all aspects pertaining to maintenance and management of facilities.

ii) Automates entire process leaving no leaf unturned.

iii) Eliminates the hassles associated with remembering the dates, maintenance schedules etc.

iv) Stores data in an centralized and well organized manner with the flexibility to define user permissions. This entails quick and easy access to data and prevents loss of data.

v) The artificial intelligence enables in prevention of future failures or breakdowns based on the knowledge gained from previous scenarios.

vi) Provides work order management. CMMS details comprehensive information on maintenance tasks such as the authorizations, scope of the task, responsibilities and department involved at each stage. No need for an offline follow up. Detailed history is available. They make the process easy and formal for everyone right from maintenance managers to service technicians who are new to the field. The people in the workflow can organize, assign, prioritize, track, and complete routine as well as new tasks. Customers while raising support ticket to the Admin can annex photos/videos depicting the defect in the asset/facility along with the problem statement. Service Technicians can also upload multimedia as an evidence to the fix, in the ticket.

vii) Captures the knowledge and experience of senior technicians in the form of a solution bank which guides the layman or new technicians in troubleshooting or servicing the facilities.

viii)By means of preventive maintenance scheduling, your firm can keep a track of inventory levels by enabling real-time reminder alerts whereby rendering the ordering process more efficient while ensuring best utilization of resources.

ix)Keeps the safety standards of your organization up-to-date.

From the above advantages being offered it is crystal clear that it improves team collaboration, enhances customer service, cuts down on operational costs, eliminates difficulties in manual access of documents speeding up the access, optimizes the usage of resources & improves the overall productivity of the organization.

CMMS enables companies to keep undesirable consequences due to human error, at bay. Work order management and Preventive maintenance are the core features of a CMMS tool. Rest of the features vary based on the CMMS.

CMMS’s nowadays have expanded their boundaries of operations and evolved to the present stage at a steady pace reducing greatly the gap between EAM and CMMS. EAM & CMMS are similar, in may respects.

CMMS stands for Computerized Maintenance Management System. Enterprise Asset Management also pertains to maintenance of assets in a robust way in comparison with its counterpart. EAM covers entire lifecycle of an asset.

However as CMMS’s have evolved over the years, the gap between it and EAM has been bridged subsequently. The choice depends on the requirements of your firm and its size.

Our CMMS is feature rich and well positioned in the maintenance management software market.

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Special Benefits Derived From Innomaint

1. Innomaint has a rich set of features and functionalities which position it in the market with a competitive advantage over competitors.

2. We provide customizations of the CMMS to provide a flavour that is a snug fit to your business.

3. You can create new user roles, Custom Logo, Categories, Fields, Reports & Privileges as well and define the level of privileges. They are provided with the option of availing our services as Software As A Service(SAAS model) or as a perpetual license.

4. Support for multiple locations and multiple currencies for payment involved in business transactions.

5. Our application extends support for GPS Tracking. The current location of the customer and service technician can be tracked. This is especially beneficial when the service technicians are on the move.

6. Can access interactive calendar with schedule details. The application comes as a mobile app, as well, which can be readily downloaded from Google Play & iOS stores.

7. We support barcode/QR code scanning which is in line with the main criteria of industrial revolution 4.0 standards(association of sensors with every tangible asset)


Computerized management and maintenance systems have revoltionalized the industry, so get jump start in this technology with InnoMaint.

We help you in making your company stay ahead of the competition. Contact Vijay Global Services for all your computerized management services today and let’s start an exciting new partnership that will last a lifetime!

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