Trouble free maintenance of healthcarre facilities

The Influence of Digital Technologies on Smooth and Trouble-Free Maintenance of Health Care Facilities

Digital technology in healthcare

Healthcare IT has surfaced as an unavoidable force in driving better patient care. Digital services have invariably penetrated the healthcare system of developed countries as patient portal apps, visitor management, and telemedicine, leaving an everlasting impact in the minds of all healthcare stakeholders. The digital world has opened up unanticipated avenues for Doctor-patient communication.

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How do Digital solutions benefit doctors?

Digital solutions also provide a means for primary health care providers to get an opinion from specialists in different locations on diagnosis or treatment by sharing clinical history, test results, CT/MRI images, X-rays, etc. Better collaboration between the doctors treating a patient will ensure a holistic treatment free from complications or undesirable side effects.

Importance of Hospital maintenance

Even if a hospital facility uses all modern IT services, the digitization efforts may go futile if the facilities do not run efficiently. Day-to-day chores and maintenance management are of immense importance in a healthcare setting. It goes on without saying that sanitation and hygiene are a must to avoid infections. So poor maintenance will affect patient recovery, competitiveness, and profits.

Challenges in Hospital Maintenance

Hospitals, Dispensaries, and Old Age Homes try to balance a wide range of equally important priorities. From the moment visitors enter to the time they leave, maintenance professionals must ensure infection-free stays. They must prepare OTs, post-operative wards, and beds on short notice, supply medicines, and physiotherapy equipment on demand, ascertain the accuracy of measuring instruments; keep life-saving equipment running all the time; be aware of the current location of constantly moving assets; help in securing accreditations & certifications; monitor visitor movements for the safety of inmates and property; handle waste disposal & sufficient lighting – all these with tight budget constraints.

Why CMMS for hospitals?

Government regulations demand hospitals maintain the highest standards of infrastructure and maintenance. A CMMS is a must for hospitals, as recommended by W.H.O., to focus on treatments. With CMMS, facility managers can have real-time access to asset maintenance with clear visibility of stock in inventory. It helps you avoid blunt shortages and alert you on the reach of minimum re-order levels.

Hospital Asset Maintenance

You may refer to the benefits of . Keep life-saving critical and expensive assets that work in continuous shifts without rest running smoothly with routine automationCMMS for healthcare facilities of preventive maintenance. Equipment in hospitals, dispensaries, old age homes, and pharma manufacturing units are huge capital investments. Hence as with any other organization, healthcare facilities must strive to preserve and prolong their lives.

A CMMS helps you define clear-cut work instructions, and automate and track preventive maintenance schedules. You can fix issues early before they grow into big problems. Prevention is better than cure. That applies to assets as well!

Barcode and RFID for patient and staff tracking

Hospitals consider patients as the first and foremost assets. Doctors can take care of patient health using barcodes and RFID wristbands. Doctors can monitor patient health with real-time information provided by wristbands. The same technologies help nurses in the correct administration of medication to patients. The consequences of the administration of a patient’s drugs to another need no explanation! Senior doctors can use these technologies to track the movements of staff nurses within the hospital campus.

Asset Tracking for timely availability

People working in the Health care sector knows very well that over-purchasing assets owing to missing equipment are so common. The mounting pressures and demands on health infrastructure complicate issues. A shockingly high $7M/year is lost annually for a 300-bedded hospital. Put an end to this practice with sophisticated asset-tracking abilities. Save 10% of nursing shift hours squandered towards frantic searches by nurses for physiotherapy equipment. Improve the engagement time of biomedical technicians to as high as 208 hrs/year. Let misplaced equipment no more be a reason for missing out on the timeliness of patient care.

Quicker & cost effective OT Maintenance

An EAM/CMMS software demonstrates the maintenance activities to be done, in advance, to the crew. It saves the time of hospital administrators, doctors, hospital staff, and patients by helping to provide complete and timely fixes cost-effectively and smoothly. The software helps maintenance managers prioritize work orders to execute emergency maintenance for operation theatres, post-operative wards, etc. A cloud-based hospital maintenance software helps management keep track of past work and serves as a communication bridge between the maintenance team and other departments. Healthcare entities are now increasingly becoming more open to cloud-based technologies.

Best CMMS for Health Care

While looking out for mobility and other advantages, do not compromise on scalability, ease of use and adaptability, and quick to deployment as anything complex to use ends up in failure without serving the intended purpose.

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