Innomaint Brings About A Revolution in Facility Management Business

We present a case study which would clearly elucidate the striking benefits of the digital transformation of facility maintenance management business.

Al-Facitech is a facility management company with 200 plus young & energetic workforce spread across five business locations.

Mr. Rashid is an in house facility manager who operates across business functions.

As a part of work, he travels frequently between the business locations to oversee various departments such as electric & plumbing team, masonry team, garden & lawn cleaning team, painting team, welding team, computer asset & accessories service team, etc.

His work is centered on heaps of files and a laptop with bunch of excel sheets. He relies on these tools to look for and keep track of work order information.

He has to look out for required information very often to remember the dates for maintenance schedules and status of a work order.

This becomes increasingly difficult whenever the customer care department receives lots of service & maintenance requests on a roll. Rashid has to search & gain access to required information from the whole lot of clutter in a frustrating way. To make things difficult, catching up on correspondence with technicians,while away from office, becomes a practically unmanageable task.

Now Rashid is moved by the benefits offered by Innomaint Computer Aided Facility Management(CAFM) Software. Let’s set out to understand the way it transforms the business of his company and the realization of benefits.Innomaint CAFM

Innomaint integrates people, place and process within the built environment of client premises in a smarter way. The business data of company ABC is now safe & secure with cloud storage of Innomaint free from any accidental loss.

Rashid has the information on the list of AMC’s and can get closer to the devices or services covered by any particular AMC and the demographics in few seconds. He analyzes the same and prepares a list of customers to be persuaded to bring the uncovered services and devices under the jurisdiction of AMC thus sowing the seeds for financial security.

Rashid is able to measure the performance of each service technician for any defined time period on the basis of completion time, First to Fix rate, Reassignment of tickets, Contribution to solution bank, etc. He measures performance once in every three months and gets a clear indication of improvement and lags and recommends incentives or additional training conveniently based on this knowledge, on hand.

His manual follow up got reduced significantly as he is able to get instant access to information on the customer, payment transaction, breakdown service, Planned Preventive Maintenance. He devotes the precious time saved to other business activities such as meetings with the Board Of Directors, Coordination of work with peers like Marketing Manager.

He is able to gain visibility & exercise complete control over work orders throughout its progress from arrival till end. Technicians are unable to give him & customers any false statements on their current location. This upholds transparency in the process by leveraging features like Geo-Location Tracking, QR Code scanning, etc.

The technicians who were earlier lying to the customers who called out for service that they were far from the customer premises are now unable to give false reasons for the delay in commuting as both customer & Rashid are able to track the current location of the technicians on the way.

Rashid is able to pass on instructions to his sub-ordinators – the supervisors of individual teams to define the safety precautions to be followed while working on planned preventive maintenance tasks and able to convince the technicians that he cares for them.

Technicians assigned with tickets who were earlier reluctant to approach Rashid due to any lack of knowledge or personal reasons are now able to decline the assignment stating valid reasons.

Rashid is able to utilize the calibration workflow in the application to his favour by ensuring the consistency inaccuracy of measuring instruments thereby undeviating from the reliability of the services provided.

Rashid has the information on inventory levels at his fingertips. To sum up, he is empowered with a complete overview of the maintenance activities and can govern the workflow from anywhere and at any time via mobile app.

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