Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Program support through InnoMaint

Conducting business with care and respect for people and the environment is a primary concern for many organizations, and an effective InnoMaint CMMS solution supports reliability and maintenance improvement initiatives.

InnoMaint is an effective Equipment Maintenance Management solution, It goes a step beyond providing additional functionality to support Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) programs by:

  • Accident or Safety incidents can be avoided as our application is linked with safety procedures, instructions, lock-out, tag-out (LOTO) and upload other documents to your assets for immediate access.
  • Permit and personal protective equipment (PPE) are user-defined ensuring the InnoMaint CMMS solution conforms to your business needs. The user can then quickly schedule the required permits and PPE for specific jobs using schedule checklist
  • Featuring task item and types for environmental and emissions inspection checklist, calibration, approval, and Spare parts replacements for follow-up maintenance activities.
  • The strong correlation between reliability and safety, the InnoMaint solutions provide the necessary functionality to record and track any type of incident.
  • Handheld mobile devices are often used to track asset details. This eliminates paper from the operation to improve efficiency, reduce the opportunity for clerical errors, and further protect our environment.
  • InnoMaint CMMS solutions provide an optional expiration date on each record that can trigger both employee and supervisor notification of all schedules and service requests.
  • The document linking feature enables the user to link contract and compliance, training certificates, medical reports, and releases to employee records. The advantage is a single repository for employee fit-to-work information along with certifications and training records.
  • Safety work method statement (SWMS) can be quickly and easily managed from preventive maintenance work activity.
  • Tracking casual inspections, safety observations and other findings in the same solution bank (knowledge bank) as your maintenance and other activities.

To be effective, maintenance organizations need quick access to critical information to perform tasks effectively, efficiently and safely.

InnoMaint integrates incident tracking, permit requirements and other EH&S concerns with your adopted reliability and maintenance strategy, leading to significant, sustainable cultural improvements.

InnoMaint is a comprehensive CMMS solution that supports EH&S programs while being easy to learn and easy to use.


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