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Innomaint Launches a CRM to Accelerate Sales Revenue and Elevate Customer Satisfaction Standards!

InnoMaint FSM/EAM, a prominent player in the CMMS market, is set to release a CRM solution, as a separate solution and a part of Field Service Management Software. The solution aims to accelerate the process of acquiring new customers in an organized manner and to centralize, optimize and streamline customer communication.

The CRM system that automates sales, marketing, and customer support activities can help segment contacts, create leads, and boost conversions. A firm can manage the entire range of services through the CRM upon acquiring a customer.

You can save team efforts and make current efforts more fruitful by closing more deals with shortened sales cycles via an easy and intuitive user interface, with actionable analytics data on the effectiveness of campaigns and customer-oriented business functions in under a minute.

Few advantages of using a CRM over an excel sheet or database
i) Reduce Business Costs

Customer relationship management (CRM) platform has a significant business impact if well utilized. Tracking the customer acquisition journey consumes a lot of time , when done using conventional approach. A CRM saves time and money for businesses with intelligent automation. It frees sales managers from requesting additional grants to achieve the targets. From the initial stages of acquiring business contacts to closing business deals, a CRM can record every sale, marketing, and customer support activity in the system.

ii) Valuable analytics to accelerate sales

The CRM Dashboard provides valuable analytics on the progress of sale activity. It conveys stage-wise deal information, and month-on-month comparisons of deals created, closed, and revenue earned. Based on this accurate and reliable information, sales managers can set targets for the team. The approach lets you channel your expenses in the right direction with significant conversions.

iii) Tweak marketing campaigns for an increased amount of qualified leads 

You can feed existing customers, contacts, leads, and deals information from excel sheets to the CRM system in one go using bulk import effortlessly. The CRM stores the details in a centralized database. Instant access to the information on customer behavior, sales interactions, and inquiries, on demand, could be utilized to understand customers and prospects and make adjustments to existing marketing campaigns and automate campaign management, send bulk emails, etc., to generate a large number of well-qualified leads.

iv) High standards of customer support at low expenditure

Forming a large team for the best customer care, will eat into your business expenses. A small-sized team overloaded with serving many customers will also tend to lose your customers to competitors.

 A CRM helps you maintain the balance, with timely reminders on calls, and demos along with associated priorities and deadlines. Staffs can drop notes containing information essential for the successful completion of a task engaging a customer. Peers will find it very helpful. It helps build long-term relationships and a loyal customer base.

v) Eliminate mistakes with traditional methods

Recording customer details on excel sheets and retrieving them when needed makes your employees tired and customers sick of waiting for basic information.

InnoMaint CRM helps you devote this time to productive tasks. It prevents the support executives from mixing up contact details, referring to old contact details, sending the wrong products to customers, or forgetting to call back. To sum up, InnoMaint CRM wipes out the chances of human errors and is affordable for your small/medium-scale business. Strengthen the backbone of your business with InnoMaint CRM! It is high time to elevate customer satisfaction levels to remain competitive.

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