Full fledged IoT solutions for employee safety and deep visibility into visitor traffic with best-in-class team collaboration walkie-talkie app

We have seen stringent lockdowns, lockdowns with relaxations, unlock safety guidelines for businesses and social gatherings etc. Even though several nations have been partially successful in combating the spread of the mutated covid-19 virus, the disease continues taking a toll on the people. 

As a part of our efforts to bring out new and latest features in the market to our esteemed clients as quickly as possible we are delighted to roll out our new set of features with full fledged IoT solutions and team work collaboration software in the form of a walkie talkie mobile app.

May your maintenance business gain momentum with our top-notch features for automated screening of visitor for fever and recording of user movements within the premises 24×7 for reducing manpower and avoid queuing up at entrances or boarding points.

The IoT solutions cover Energy Metering Solution, People Count Management(PCM) and Covid solutions which can be electives depending on your business demands.

Covid-19 tracking work safety & PCM software

The IoT – CMMS integration can help you  gain deeper insights into the flow of visitors through your office 24X7 in both directions across entrances and in specific halls with automated alerts to the managers and administrators on violation of covid-19 guidelines such as proper wearing of masks and in identification of persons with fever.

The monitored information keeps on piling up at the frequency controlled by you as visitors pour in.

You can configure any camera such as People count sensor camera(surveillance camera mounted in entrance, conference rooms, corridors etc.,) and Thermal sensor camera establishing connectivity with CMMS through IP Address and MAC Address of associated sensors and map it with specific locations in your office(s).

You can accordingly define activities to isolate or treat the concerned persons containing the spread of the infection for legal compliance and smooth flow of business activities without the fear of possible health risks.

You can discern the significance of these modules from the regular AMS application flow with the fact that dedicated schedules(Dashboards too) and unique reports are associated with these modules.

These AI-based Face Mask Detection & Covid 19 Monitoring Solutions are incomparable to manual processes which steal much of your precious time. In fact the time is now ripe for infusing such reforms in your organization as the nation marches towards recovering from the widespread losses caused by the covid-19 pandemic !!

Energy Metering Solution

We offer energy monitoring solutions that let you go deeper into identifying energy consumption patterns instantly and turn off high consumption units automatically. It is worthy recalling here that electricity bills account for the single highest utility costs in most cases.  All these give you greater ability to cut down on high maintenance costs in the form of proactive maintenance. Track the energy consumption for either a whole multi storeyed building or for individual tenants in it.

InnoTalk for team collaboration and continuous knowledge updation in remote work setting

The business world has learned to adapt to new normal and remote working culture which has been the order of the day for long. Push To Talk solution facilitates maintenance work in remote settings and can work out wonders as it is a single tool through which you can

  1. Connect the workforce in an internal network in the form of RSS Feed
  2. Keep your service engineers aware of latest news on best practices and new innovations in the service category
  3. Encourage instant knowledge sharing for best outcomes on service at the field
  4. Ensure all the users are on the same page – i.e., keep their attention in the interest of your business for instant response.
Why to go for the Walkie Talkie Solution?

Skype meetings, Google Hangout Meetings, Telegram meetings play a prominent role in maintaining and promoting collaborative work from disparate locations. But still something was felt missing to make for the lacunae in the remote tools presently used for communication. The connecting thread is Push To Talk Solutions available in the form of InnoTalk Mobile App which can connect smart devices in a single, reliable & powerful network that uses voice as a primary communication medium.

Advantages of InnoTalk Solution

Gain a first hand experience of two-way Push to talk to discover the difference it can make for your field work business. The service can currently be availed as a stand alone solution for filling the communication gaps and making for effective and quick communication. The communication channel makes use of 4G mobile internet  which is conveniently affordable by the common man these days. Here are few of the remarkable benefits of InnoTalk Walkie Talkie Solution.

1. Low setup costs: The set up costs wouldn’t squander your resources and stretching your budget a little more will prove to be worthy.

2. Save Trees: Toss the paper you used earlier for the purpose of internal team collaboration as remote workers can send data, images, and voice in both directions via transceivers-unidirectional at a time.

3. Effective Communication: Conventional communication methods are always associated with miscommunications and delays. By pushing or tapping a button you can instantly transmit your voice message to a wider audience base.

4. Quickness: In case of mobile calls you need to unlock your phone, look for a calling app, trace the contacts, arrange for a call conference and then initiate a call. With InnoTalk walkie talkie mobile app even if the walkie talkie app window is not active the recipients hear the voice.

5. Any mobile device: Irrespective of the network and mobility of wireless devices PTT technology can connect all such dissimilar wireless devices in a single network.

6. Improved productivity: Walkie Talkie also minimizes the distractions associated with mobile usage garnering the immediate attention of users which inturn contributes to better productivity.

7. Instant communications. Leaders can reach out to a wide audience base or a specific group of limited people. Communications via this dedicated channel are not associated with dialing, voice mails. No delays.

8. Battery life. Walkie Talkie application can easily work for eight to ten hours of normal use at a stretch and hence doesn’t require any charging of the device.

We again reiterate that the commitment of InnoMaint in providing best-of-the-class services and support to our customers stands unaltered through these tough Covid-19 times !

Give new momentum to maintenance with our IoT Powered Best-in-Class CMMS Software

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