InnoMaint Release of Version 2.3.3

Released on 11th Feb 2019

Reports Module has been redesigned and updated with more relevant fields.

1) Asset Report will help to get the assets/equipments configured to the application and its schedule, status etc. It has the major total summary for the below inputs and this report can be export into Excel and PDF.

  • No Of Assets Configured
  • No Of Schedule Configured
  • No Of Schedule Initiated

Asset report

2) Feedback Report – get to know the rating of a Engineer/Technician, Asset and the customer has been integrated with a bar chart for the average rating out of 5.

  • Customer Feedback
  • Service Technician Feedback

Feedback Report

3) Spare Parts Stock report – to know the available spare parts and its current quantity has been given as spare report, it can be export into excel and PDF.

Spare Parts Stock Report

4) Work Order PPM Schedule completion report – when ever a planned preventive maintenance (PPM) schedule completed this report will be generated, it has the details about the service, feedback, problem statement, photo attachment before task and after completion for task level for all the scheduled task has been recorded. This work report can be sent to the customers as a PDF attachment and excel sheet also.

5) Break Down Completion report – when ever a service engineer/technician attends a break down ticket/service request, he can take a photo before he attempts and also take a photo, also engineer can narrate the solution based on the root cause he provided with his suggestions/comments. This included the spare parts changed and cost of the same. This report will come with customer logo, address, customer signature and feedback, this can be shared with customer as PDF attachment over email.

6) Schedule summary report this will include the summary table and selection criteria and PIE chart.

7) The Existing Task report has been modified with Location wise Filter Option.

8) Earlier the task can be scheduled only on timely basis like date wise or weekly but now we can configure the Adhoc Schedule, which can be invoked anytime. This will help to schedule a task as they needed anytime.

Adhoc Schedule

9) In the service agency flow, service technician can be mapped with one Account Executive. So when the ticket assigned the account executive can select only the service technicians who is tagged under his name.

10) Technicians can take photo or add phone before they start their work request / ppm / break down task and keep it as a proof since some customers wants to check them. These photos can be added part of the Preventive Maintenance/Break down completion reports.

11) Provided a extensive colorful dashboard for Location Head & Machine Owner to their pending task and in-progress task.

Bug Fixes:

1) Pagination total number for all the screens with Pagination tables.

2) Total Schedule Configured tool tip showed incorrect values when the schedule has been deleted, this issue has been corrected.

3) Delete Logic has been corrected, for adding new asset in the same name for Assets, Schedule also.

4) Viewing the application in Mozilla Firefox browser has some issue in the look and feel. This has been fixed.

5) Delete option provided for spare parts, if the spare never user before in the application.


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