InnoMaint Release of Version 2.3.4

Released on 22nd April 2019

Spare Parts Management

1) Spares are having category now, sub category is also included for better maintainability.

2) Spares & its stock will be maintained by location-based & department-based for creating location wise stock maintainability.

3) Bulk upload option provided for stock upload for all the spares.

4) Updating spare stock – Provision given in the Spare Parts Stock screen itself.

5) Mapping the spares to the machine, system allowing user to search with the spare name and ID.

6) In the report screen, added the filters for the spare category and spare sub category.

7) While doing the bulk upload of spares, the system is allowed to assign a spare to multiple Asset Model.

8) One Location spare will not be visible or available for another location engineers/technicians.

9) Keeping Location as a non mandatory field, so the customers who do not have multiple location (multi-site) need not maintain the spares for multi locations.

10) Spare Stock Alert – If Stock number goes less than the Reorder level in all the screen, it should show filled color of Orange.

Asset Maintenance

11) Add department in the location master, but there is no direct relationship between Location and Department.

12) Use Spare name/Spare ID in all the places throughout the application instead of BOM Id, BOM ID name.

13) Engineers can scan the spare parts of QR code for their usage, when they scan the spare parts the total count should be adjusted accordingly.

Schedule management

14) For engineer/technician mobile app, if he scan the QR code of the machine/asset, the application will show the schedule task & Ticket (Work order schedule & Work order Request) assigned to him for that particular machine.

Asset Management

Asset Maintenance

15) In the Asset Management configuration, Manufacturer relationship with Category has been removed, it can act independently, this change included in all the places where we use the Manufacturer.

Master Changes

16) User can add the Department in the Department Master. Asset can be mapped with Department in the Asset Management screen.

17) Asset setup screen – Spare Subcategory master has been created after Spare Category.

Edit Spare Parts Management

18) Manufacture selection List removed in the Asset Category Master.

Asset Setup

19) Provision added for adding the Manufacturer, Category & Sub Category in the Asset Management screen itself.

Spare Subcategory

Other Changes

20) Field service management flow – Account executive – customer – user group mapping – enable the account executive to handle the servicing to the assigned customers with the mapped user(technician) group

21) Agency flow – Schedule Managed by customer head able to assign customer user for schedule.

22) Included Bangladesh currency BDT.

23) Attached Audio file (Voice recording) features enabled for the engineers to record the completion note.

24) In Spare Management, system enabled to add quantity less than the Reorder Level.

25) For machine performance (MTTR,MTBF ) calculation – Issue Fixed.

26) Account executive can not assign the task to all the engineers. Restricted to only the engineers part of his own team. -Issue Fixed

27) In Reminder & Escalations module, Approval Task for Schedule system listing all the applicable users, restriction removed. -Issue Fixed.

28) In asset report, system provide option for user to add the few more fields like criticality, Capacity Rating Column .

29) User Role Creation by Global Maintenance Head. – Issue fixed.

30) “Serial No” Label has been changed to “Asset ID” and Asset Id have been changed to “Serial No” in the entire application based on the most of the customers suggestion.

31) Error Message Pop up in the Top right screen – display time has been delayed to improve the readability of the error.


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