Innomaint Release of Version 2.4.3

Innomaint continues to explore new avenues for heightening user friendliness of the application.

1.  Henceforth, the service engineer shall also receive.
i) The reminder notification for auto assigned tickets.
ii) A copy of escalation notifications to higher authorities (for SLA violations of tickets assigned to him).

Service Engineer receives the emails for Reminder/Escalation schedules.

As a prerequisite for receiving the emails service engineer should have the concerned setting enabled in his session.

2. In the Field Service Management(FSM) module of Innomaint, the privilege of deciding if customer activation is required before going ahead with the workflow is granted to Super Admin(only).

If the concerned checkbox is checked customer will be required to activate his account by clicking on the verification link sent with the welcome e-mail.

3. The provision of bulk upload of entries for Location, Building, Floor, Department for all customers have been provided for Field Service Management(FSM) super admin making the entry into the system much simpler.

During the bulk import of customer data, now additional fields have been included in the downloaded report(FSM module). The fields are:

i) Location name

ii) Building name

iii) Floor name

iv) Department name

Similar privilege has also been provided for Asset Management Software(AMS) Super Admin. He can bulk upload Location, Building, Floor, Department details corresponding to every business location. A bulk import feature has also been provided.

For bulk import of business location data – additional fields have been added for the convenience of Super Admin. The fields are:

i) Building name

ii) Floor name

iii) Department name

4. For the Asset Management Software module, now Super Admin is able to view the spare stock report for a specific business location.

5. For both Asset Management Software(AMS) & Field Service Management(FSM) modules – All users can raise new complaint tickets for already stopped instances of assets for the convenience of users. Earlier stopped assets were tracked through a single ticket.

Service Technicians will now be able to raise complaint tickets for asset instances that have already stopped.

6. For Asset Reports, the overall count of asset instances based on the asset models selected is displayed(Both ASM & FSM).

Note: Super Admin may find the same asset model name more than once in cases where the manufacturer of the asset model may differ.

7. Based on the preference of Super Admin, Status report for schedules can be mailed to Account executive(FSM). Now a summary table has been included in the report for a quick glance at schedule status.

For Asset Management Software, users of the cadre Location head will receive such summary in the schedule status report.

Received schedule status email notifications with summary details.

8. Now Super Admin has the special ability to stop running schedules and re-initiate the stopped schedules, via the application(AMS & FSM).

After stopped highlighted in red color.


Able to re-initiate stopped schedule using the re-initiate icon at the specified date on the time provided.


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