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InnoMaint Shows Up in the Leaders Matrix of the Top CMMS Software 2023

InnoMaint ranked ahead of major CMMS players

It’s time for us, in the InnoMaint family, to feel glad and satisfied! Software Suggest has listed Innomaint in the superior ‘Champions‘ category of the Leaders Matrix, ahead of all other major players. Be proud you’re using a product recognized as the best in its field. For more details, please click here.

An Introduction of Software Suggest

SoftwareSuggest, a leading business consultant, helps businesses and organizations choose the best business software fitting their needs, solving unique problems, and providing a good return on investment. With a consistent performance in linking businesses with their vendors, the consultant started appearing in dailies and online magazines as early as 2014.

Comparison of B2B software

The B2B portal helps business software seekers connect with verified service providers by,

  • Listing the best software for business functionalities.
  • Reviewing the best software based on exhaustive in-house research.
  • Performing in-depth comparison of the top B2B software based on various functionality and criteria.

Criteria for Arriving at Leadership Matrix

Software Suggest carefully examined each CMMS product and vendor, paying close attention to parameters such as features, reviews, customer support, third-party integration, traffic, social media engagement, usability, etc.

The consultant quantified the results of its evaluation for these aspects:

  • User rating score
  • No. of Reviews Score
  • Freshness Score
  • Social Score
  • Monthly website visitor Score
  • Usability Score:
  • Ease of Setup Score
  • Ease of Use Score
  • Features Score
  • Support Score
  • Value of Money Score

Previous Awards from Software Suggest

Software Suggest does a good job showcasing the best-of-breed product on its website from various perspectives as efficiently as possible. It has been conferring meritorious badges on InnoMaint such as:

  • Committed to Deliver-Summer
  • Best Value Software
  • Best Usability Software

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