Innomaint version 4.4

Innomaint v4.4: Makes maintenance a breeze
Bulk Schedule Assignment

Users can easily download the list of unassigned schedules from the application and later upload the filled-in template containing the list of technicians to which the application should assign schedules at a specific date, time, and frequency.

The mandatory fields in the template would be:

  • User name
  • User email id
  • User mobile number

Kindly remember that user(technician) details should correspond to the location of the asset.



User group-based auto-assign

As a recap, the application provided auto-assign feature earlier for breakdown and service category-based PPM. It is now extended for custom-defined user groups too. You can contact our customer support team to use the feature.

  • The operation manager can create, edit and delete user groups and assign users to them.
  • He can configure a schedule for auto-assigning tasks to user groups with repetition frequency, such as daily, weekly, monthly, etc.
  • The system will automatically assign tasks to users based on the schedule criteria.
  • The user can view, accept(or reject) and complete the assigned tasks .
  • Application assigns the opening tasks to all the users in the group by default. Once a user accepts the task, the application removes the assignment for the rest of the group.


Customer creation in breakdown creation screen

In FSM flow, service engineers can create a customer directly from Create Breakdown screen without navigating screens. The feature simplifies the workflow and saves time for users who need to create a breakdown ticket for a new customer.


Multiple Currency support

Administrative users can select any currency from the list of multiple currencies the application supports. They can customize the currency format and symbol according to their preference.


Get closer to tracking spares

The spare parts serial number report includes the date a spare leaves the inventory. The inclusion helps users track the history and usage of spare parts while enhancing the transparency in spare replacements while working on assets. Hence it is possible to monitor the performance and lifespan of spare parts.


Purchase Order Template Customization

Create purchase order templates matching your branding and preferences. It provides the flexibility needed while sending purchase orders to their vendors.

  • A new option labeled “Purchase Order” has been added to the Procurement Management -> Settings page.
  • Selecting this option opens a template editor wherein users can customize the purchase order template using various tools and elements.
  • Users can change the layout, font, color, logo, header, footer, signature, etc.
  • Users can also add or remove fields, such as order number, date, shipping address, payment terms, etc.
  • Users can preview and save their customized template for future use.


Raise Breakdown requests instantly via QR Code scan

The application further simplifies raising breakdown service requests through a mobile QR code scan without requiring sign-up, log-in, or account activation.

Previously, users had to create an account and activate it before they could report a breakdown.

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