Innomaint version 4.4

Innomaint V4.7: Be in the Loop of Costing from the Very Beginning Stages

1) Cost management
i) Work order estimate
The work estimate for a maintenance work order is useful, especially when the maintenance department is flooded with planned schedules and multiple breakdowns. Create approved work order estimates for all services before letting techs attend breakdown or scheduled maintenance tasks so that you can negotiate the final payment based on the hours and quality of work as recorded by the EAM application. Include estimates for preventative as well as breakdown work. You should know the tentative time of these tasks if there are no unexpected problems. Besides this, you should know the spares & supplies required to fulfill the work order.
ii) Multi-level Approval
The level of approval required for a request may vary depending on the case. You can define the approval level based on the price. blog blog blog blog The estimate has to be reviewed and approved by concerned Location Head before work can commence. blog If the Location Head is dissatisfied, he can request to repeat the estimation. blog
2) Bulk Breakdown task actions
i) Bulk Breakdown Cancel Option.
Users can now cancel multiple breakdown requests at once due to changes in plans, priorities, or availability of techs.
  • The users can select multiple breakdown requests from the list of pending or approved requests and click on the cancel button.
  • The users can provide a reason for canceling the breakdown requests and confirm their action.
ii) Bulk Breakdown Close option.
Users can now close multiple breakdown requests at once. This feature serves as helpful in freeing up the manual effort in closing breakdown requests after completing those tasks. The users can select multiple entries from the list of completed or partially completed breakdown requests and click on the close button. blog
iii) To implement the Bulk Breakdown Acknowledgement Option.
The bulk breakdown acknowledgment feature lets users acknowledge multiple breakdown requests at once. It aims to reduce the response time for breakdown requests. The users can select multiple breakdown requests from the list of new or pending requests and click on the acknowledge button. blog 3) While closing the breakdown / preventive tasks, you can attach a local file and send an email notification to the task requester upon task closure. It helps you to provide better service and documentation. blog blog 4) In the asset bulk upload template, the fields customer & location are mandatory to ensure proper asset mapping.
5) Asset ID-based GeoLocation
Locate and track your technicians using GPS technology. You can let technicians located within the Geo-Fencing circle of the respective asset IDs attend the assets. Based on the precise asset Geo Location coordinates, facility managers can receive alerts when a technician outside the Geo-Fencing range tries to execute the tasks for the asset.

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