1) You can upload the sub-assets into the application, in bulk, along with the main asset mapping details in the bulk upload template. As with the main asset bulk upload, you can check the logs for the success rate of bulk uploads. Asset report shall henceforth include sub-asset details along with the mapping information.


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    Asset Maintenance

    Asset Report

    2) Transaction report provides the provision to download reports on completed preventive and corrective work orders.

    Transactional Report

    Transactional Report (2)

    3) Raise the breakdown tickets with utmost clarity using audio, video, and image attachments. Actions and pictures speak louder than words!

    Create Ticket

    4) The application covered a set of SLA timelines for each stage of the work order. The SLA definition now includes the total resolution time, as well. Kindly recall that SLA definitions are segregated for:

    1. Assets running with a fault
    2. Assets stopped working

    SLA for breakdown tickets

    5) As a special privilege, managerial users can initiate schedules corresponding to various assets, in bulk. Just download the predefined template populated with all schedules created to date.

     Just fill in the values for columns “schedule date & time” and upload the sheet. All schedules open up at the desired time, saving you a great deal of time and energy!

    Asset Maintenance (2)

    Asset Maintenance report

    6) InnoMaint has widened the gates for customization with Workflow configuration for preventive and breakdown maintenance. Our customers can choose their workflows and alter the choices at any time at their discretion.

    Workflow master

    7) You get to see the total inventory value corresponding to the aggregate price of current stock. The price gets updated after every in and out-movement across the inventory.

    Spare parts stock report 1

    Spare parts stock report 2


    8) Users can edit the values of monitored key parameters at later stages. The following user roles have edit access:

     * Super Admin

    * Operation Manager

    * Global Maintenance Head

    * Account Executive

    * Location head

     It is handy in cases where the technician who worked on the ‘Monitoring Task’ entered the value wrongly. The updated value shall reflect in the Monitoring Reports.

    9) Users grouped under Customer Head(FSM application) can be in the loop of maintenance tasks without creation of exclusive user account for them in the application. The users will get PPM and breakdown task reports as a ‘pdf’ file mailed to their email ID provided at the time of registration. The user will also receive a mail notification when a work order is assigned to a technician.

    Just select the radio button shown in the screenshot.

    Add Customer

    10) In the user list grid, view the account creation date of each user beneath “Task in Queue.” The change is reflected in the customer list.


    11) Generic tickets are also brought under SLA as with Asset based tickets.

     12) A common filter has been provided. Based on the criteria set in this filter, the entire Dashboard data(including KPI metrics) get filtered accordingly. Date-wise filter option has been provided for all individual widgets in the Dashboard.

    Comparison dashboard

    13) You can configure acknowledgment & approval rights for preventive & corrective work orders based on user roles from a single and intuitive interface as below:

    Configuration Workflow

    14) A PPM schedule can now be managed by both service team and customer simultaneously.


    15) As a further value addition to the existing versatile reports, InnoMaint provides a Monthly Management Report(MMR) for any particular calendar month of a year.

    Select Location/Customer(as the case may be) and view the MMR


    MMR report includes the following components:

    >>  Meter Reading Report

    The report corresponds to monitoring point values.

    Meter Reading Report

    >> Service Category Report

    The report corresponds to the service categories to which the work orders opened during the month belong.

     Service Category Report

    >> Manpower Report

    Based on the Users Mapped to the Service Category will reflect.

    >> Approved column reveals the count of added users.

    >> Present Column indicates the total users for the month.

    >> Shortage Column denotes Inactive or Deleted Users.

    Manpower Report

    >> Daily Service Report

    Entries are calculated based on duration of the periodic schedules created.

    Daily Service Report

    >> Weekly Service Report

    Entries are calculated based on duration of the periodic schedules created.

    Weekly Service Report

    >> Ticket Compliance Report

    Entries are calculated based on tickets created.

    Ticket Complaints Report

    >> Monthly Service Report

    Entries are based on schedules that repeat in monthly and yearly frequencies.

    Monthly Service Report

    >> Spare Request Report

     Entries are based on spare requests and replacements.

    Spare Request Report

    >> New Employee Report

    Entries are based on users added in Location and Customer(Location -User Mapping Screen and Customer User Mapping Screen)

    New Employee Report

    Asset maintenance 3

    >> Quit Employee Report

    The users deleted from the Location User Mapping Screen and Customer User Mapping Screens will be listed in the report.LocationsQuit Employee Report

    >> Technician Rating Report

    Technicians with an average rating more than 3 will find their place in the report.

    Technician Rating Report

    >> Service Rating Report

    Service Rating Report

    >> Proactive Planning Report

    The root cause and solution based on fixed Tickets will appear here.

    * Issue corresponds to Defect name.

    Proactive Planning Report


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