Innomaint Release of Version 2.4.5 – Auto Assign | Spare Parts Dispatch | More Details to Reports | Extension of Mobile App Functionality

The version 2.4.5 aims to enable Admin carry out approval tasks via mobile App too and elaborate the detailed automated reports further which equips him with additional capability and is a step towards reducing ticket backlogs.

1. Super admin(AMS & FSM)is now able to automate movement of scheduled tasks to Overdue Tab via bell icon provided against each schedule.

As a quick recap, Scheduled PPM tasks can move to overdue tab from New & In-Progress tabs based on the SLAs defined for the two stages. Admin can define Reminder & Escalation for the Overdue Tasks. Earlier it was done via Preserving Time tab of Schedule creation.




2.Web-users(AMS & FSM) who were able to see the number of assets which were under schedule, at the moment, are now able to locate those specific devices too.  This is done by checking the ‘Schedule Assigned’ option for including custom columns in the detailed report.



3. Now SuperAdmin is able to approve Spare Requests and dispatch spares via Mobile App, in addition to web login. He can also approve spare requests on behalf of the customer(For FSM flow).




4. Field Service Management Super Admin is now equipped with Customer-based Asset search in Admin Mobile App. This option can be availed from Advance search filter.



It is possible to choose more than one customer for search operation.

5. For web view of Admin(AMS & FSM) user roles, a ‘Schedule Name’ filter option is provided in Transactional Reports for detailed view.



6. In web view of Super Admin user roles, -Summary Count is shown on Detailed report section of Transactional Report.



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