InnoMaint Version 3.2.5 extends the scope of maintenance operations further with a workflow for Warranty management & Attendance Management..

1. Warranty Package can be chosen as a type of contract in Service Package creation screen. Once created the package gets listed along with the rest of service packages. Kindly note that only hard services can be grouped under Warranty service package.

The information on warranty such as contract period, Threshold amount, number of callouts etc can be mentioned.

You can map warranty package you create against individual asset instances via the action icon with tool tip as ‘Warranty’. You can choose appropriate predefined warranty package.

Warranty schedule shall be displayed in preventive maintenance queue similar to other PPM tasks with an apparent indication of warranty.

2. In FSM flow, SuperAdmin and Customers can now export the complete list of users in the application for convenient view offline.

In AMS, Location head can attend to tickets and view the reports corresponding to location(s) mapped to him.

3. SuperAdmin and Customer can track the current location of service technician(preventive and breakdown) conveniently from the ‘Location’ icon at the top right of the page towards the left of Notification icon.

4. An authentication mechanism has been provided for Service Engineer to attend to the ticket at customer premises which stands as a proof of his visit to the premises.

The field staff can be directed to punch in while beginning work for the day and punch out while closing the work for monitoring them as they may work in different locations each day. Thus field managers can view the timestamp along with the location which is captured & recorded in the work-order.

Only after marking the attendance the technician or other user attending to the task will be able to check-in.

5. While raising a breakdown ticket the option to specify Building, Floor and Department for locating the asset precisely has been provided.

6. In the FSM flow the service agency had to store and handle spare parts from their own facility. Now they can maintain the spares in the customer premises too reducing the strain on maintenance department speeding up the time to bring a failed component to work!

Moving forward, you’ll be able to find the Customer Name in Spare Parts Stock and Spare parts Usage Reports

7. We’ve provided spare parts approval workflow for AMS upon the request of our AMS customers. Super Admin can grant the approval of spares hence paving the way for quicker dispatch. Earlier it was available only for FSM customers.

8. Now the FSM reports are comprehensive to the core with new reports namely

  • AMC status report
  • Call report
  • Payment report
  • Move management report

9. SuperAdmin can create categories and group the team members into categories according to their skill set with a head for each group for easier and quicker assignment of tickets.

Henceforth any ticket created shall be associated with categories & upon creation the ticket shall go to the respective head in the group & he can assign the tickets to any member of the group.

If autoassign option is enabled, then the ticket will be assigned to all the members in the group, at once. When one of the group member accepts the ticket it shall be disabled for other members of the group.

Service Category

10. In monitoring tasks, selected ranges should be specified in the ticket triggered for action.

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