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Manage WorkOrders in Offline Mode
1. If a Technician experiences disruptions to internet connectivity after logging into his account he can now continue the work offline on assigned Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) schedule task or breakdown task and update the progress in the system by synchronization of data with cloud server while back online.

2. It is possible to cancel the PPM schedules which are under progress in the current cycle itself.

3. An exclusive Service Request management menu has been provided for Field Service Management (FSM) SuperAdmin to manage AMC Request, AMC Callout, NC Callout & NC Quote Request – all from a single menu.

4. Our FSM customers(Super Admin) can now download the uploaded schedules, at any time, from the Import logs page for easier reference and audit.

5. Now the provision to receive the latitude and longitude co-ordinates of customer location(GEO Address) is possible. The details of the co-ordinates can simply be obtained by dragging the address through the map and pinning it on the address field.

6. It is possible to exempt the public holidays and week off’s in the application. Just configure the holiday from ‘System Settings’ sub-menu. Automated schedules shall not open up for those days.

7. Super admin can now map the asset Categories against Global Maintenance head(who can view the maintenance cycle on assets belonging to these categories)and view the list of assets mapped to Machine Owners and Machine Supervisors(FSM flow)

8. You can view comprehensive Transactional reports with information regarding the type of ticket (ex. breakdown, complaint and corrective maintenance) in the search filter results.

9. Ticket creation screen has been changed. The customers can select the type of breakdown as Hard Service / Soft Service making things clear to the customer on the nature of service requested.

Hard Service Screen :

Soft Service screen :

10. Now assets can be mapped very precisely to specific departments in customer building providing information in the below sequence: Customers > Locations > Building > Floor > Department from a single screen.

11. Under Transactional Report > Tickets asset status column is included in detailed reports.

12. Now the Transactional report provides information on the count of completed ppm tasks and breakdown within SLA time in the ppm report. Facility Managers are now equipped with tool to be constantly aware of the progress and better enforce compliance.

13. Initiation of schedules for asset instances belonging to same asset model is now simplified and can be done from the same screen without any navigation.

14. Bulk assignment of schedules is accomplished as illustrated in the screenshot.

15. The functionality of Dashboard filter is now extended to enable searches on the basis of Asset, Customer, Location. Dashboard is more informative now.

16. In addition to mapping assets with location & customer, now SuperAdmin can now map users such as Service Technician, Account Executive, Project Coordinator to asset instances.

Whenever a breakdown ticket is raised for the asset instance the users are auto assigned for the ticket based on the asset mapping done from this screen thereby saving time for assignment of ticket.

Note: Now Account Executive will be able to attend Breakdown tickets from mobile application


17. Dashboard figures can now be viewed on the basis of Asset, Customer & Location filters in addition to the existing filters for a deeper view of the maintenance progress.

18. Transactional Reports is now comprehensive as it conveys data on Count of breakdown, complaint and corrective maintenance.

19. An additional search filter “Reopened” has been provided to locate Preventive and breakdown tasks that have been reopened after being closed.

20. SuperAdmin now has the provision to upload Asset image via admin user session from mobile application facilitating easier identification of assets.

21. Audit of closed schedules has been simplified by inclusion of ‘Attachment icon’ against(only) the tasks in which service engineer has uploaded photos or videos.

22. SuperAdmin can readily view schedule work logs.

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Never Miss an Innomaint Update


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