Asset Tracking using Bluetooth Beacons

InnoMaint has added a new feather to its cap by providing capabilities for precise asset tracking. This ability will cater to growing maintenance demands to track frequently moved assets within the building.

You can facilitate intelligent interaction among such assets and EAM Software by mapping Beacons with them and getting live updates on real-time location at any time via Bluetooth network. The move management report will reflect information on displacement.


Once asset mapping is done, notice the new icon in the screenshot provided against each asset. If the asset is being tracked, the icon glows green with its address updated in the records. If the asset moves outside the scope of the sensor the icon turns red.



Moved asset details shown in move management report as below:


Asset Movement across locations

For smooth movement of assets across locations without deadlocks, the approval for move requests is vested only with Super Admin / Operation Manager. So Location Heads shall only be able to raise move requests when it is outside of their scope.


Measuring distance travelled by a technician on a given day

On a particular day, the course taken by a technician can be tracked and measured in terms of km, excluding break timings. A Map is provided for this purpose.  On the map,

  • ‘S’ denotes Starting Point
  • ‘E’ signifies Ending Point
  • ‘B’ indicates Breakdown
  • ‘P’ stands for Preventive Maintenance Tasks

Quicker dispatch of spares  

We’ve given the Customer Head user the privilege to approve the sanction of spares stored at the customer location and acknowledge and Approve the Spare Parts Request(Customer mapping screen). This facilitates the quicker availability of spares.

Support for new currency

With the growing popularity of InnoMaint, we have extended support for a new currency Peso.


Asset user in Asset Report

The user who would usually be using a particular asset shall henceforth find a place in Asset Report. To enable this option, please select the filter item  ‘Asset User’ as illustrated in the screenshot below:


Check-out comments

Technicians may check-in and check out multiple times while working on a ticket. Displaying check-out comments during the subsequent check-ins would be useful. Hence we have provided that provision to both preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance cases. The same will be displayed in the work completion ‘pdfdoc too!(both cases)

Nothing can stop you from raising instant breakdown requests !

In a bid to remove all the practical hurdles in raising a service request on an emergency basis, we have made a provision to submit service requests by just entering the name of a new customer and mobile number.  Using the InnoMaint free mobile app you can do this conveniently.

Compare Transactions

You can compare the transactions of two different customers on work orders and routine maintenance tasks from Dashboard.


Customizable Dashboard

The Dashboard widgets can be re-arranged to suit the convenience of Customers or Facility Managers.


Interactive 2D Floor Plan

It is essential to provide the technicians and other users with an understanding of the location of assets within buildings. Managers and supervisors also need to know a quick overview of asset hierarchies and the maintenance status of the assets in a pictorial representation. InnoMaint EAM provides 2D interactive floor maps for this purpose.

You can see the details of Floorwise mapping from the Dashboard. (Building screen from customer menu).

  • We can map the assets from the floor layout.
  • We can filter building wise mapped asset details.
  • Green color indicates that preventive maintenance schedule is in-progress.
  • Red color signifies that a breakdown is in-progress -Check-In.
  • Blue color conveys the message that an asset is running and is ready for usage.


In the work order estimation process, the term “Work order” has renamed to “Work estimate” in mobile and web



During QR code search for an asset or parts,  you can view its location, building, floor & room.


Asset Depreciation Report

As a significant value addition to the application, we are glad to unveil Asset Depreciation Module. Once enabled from our end, our clients shall exercise this option.

i) In the Asset Maintenance menu,  Click Add Asset

ii) Choose one among the four standard depreciation methods.

iii) Reach Asset ID Tab

You can view the current Depreciation value for a particular Asset instance(Asset ID).

You can Update the Asset Depreciation Life Cycle and Capital Expenses accordingly.

We’ve provided an exclusive report for Asset Depreciation paying due regard to its significance.

Image Annotation

We’ve spruced up multimedia illustration feature with Image Annotation capabilities. Now customers and technicians can highlight portions of images, add descriptions and erase the typed text over an image to convey their messages in a crystal clear way for quick grasping.

Web version supports Breakdown workflow

As a part of our constant quest to explore every nook and corner of the application for adding more convenience to the user experience, now Breakdown tickets can be attended from the web version of our application as well. The check-in and check-out actions that are mandatory in mobile are made optional in web implementation. You can view the spare replacement history.

While working on a PPM task, if a technician identifies an issue, he can initiate automation of a breakdown ticket creation by checking the option “Problem identified.”

Automate To Simplify Facility Management Process

Embrace Digital transformation

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Never Miss an Innomaint Update


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