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Make your Preventive Maintenance Process Automate and Effective

The rapid evolution of technology has triggered the need of having control over it at my fingertips. The easier, the better, anything to make my day to day tasks more convenient. A vast majority of us, if not all of us would agree. With each new generation becoming smarter and more tech savvy by the day if I don’t adapt, I might just get left behind. This, as we know, holds true for all of us.

Little less than a decade ago, when we would have imagined to have an application on our phone that let us do pretty much anything that will make our lives easier, I would find myself thinking why we do not have a feature that tell us how to reach a destination without asking anyone, today I have google maps which makes my travel easier. Nowadays technology and computerized systems have become an essential commodity that we use to perform countless tasks, all at the fingertips, in a faster and efficient manner.

What if we try to apply this concept on a much larger scale, let’s say, Industrial machinery?

Know Your Equipment

With a quick glance we see that industrial machinery can be classified into: Critical, Semi-critical and low critical equipment, with critical and semi critical equipments requiring a well-defined, on time preventive maintenance for extended durability and reduced down time.

In every organization it is key to identify these equipments, as they directly relate to fulfilling the business objectives as well as safety and environmental compliance.

We can see these systems in effect, like electrical substations, where failure of proper maintenance might lead to catastrophic disasters and causes impact in operational expenses. Here is where Computerized Maintenance Management System (Cloud CMMS) comes in to prevent that happen.

Why Cloud CMMS?

We all know how meticulous to manage the maintenance using manual systems and causes high probability of human error and data loss. Now that we have the technology to have this process automated and have an increased Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) which reduces the downtimes and operational expenditures. Cloud CMMS will make the collaboration and inter-department communication easier and faster, thus helping the organization to provide faster service. To know more about Cloud CMMS please read on 8 Major Benefits of Cloud CMMS here.

“Better defined preventive maintenance will often result efficient utilization of resources and reduced equipment downtime”

What if you have an application that lets you to collaborate and keep track of all the different department’s activities that necessitate preventive maintenance of each machine and have complete control would be just perfect, wouldn’t it? Innomaint helps you do exactly that and more.

Above is a sample of preventive maintenance in an industry, explains how a typical preventive maintenance is done. Automated workflow process will increase the faster service using mobile or web application. Innomaint is flexible to allocate multiple team members working for a preventive maintenance for multiple PM Task Type like Inspection (check list), Calibration, Monitoring, Risk assessment, Approval Process with automated sequential or parallel workflow.

How happy you will be if you are able to manage the same manual process that you currently use to a computerized application that will help you to increase the efficiency of your equipment and keep track of the all the activities in digitalized format for future reference.

Innomaint provides you to set up a well-defined and simple Service Level Agreement (SLA) for each task with timely reminders and escalations that gives you complete control of your operations which automatically increases your resource efficiency and utilization.

Innomaint will make your maintenance process effectively and easily. I’m almost certain that this application will help you to manage your maintenance effortlessly and will increase your equipment life time and reduce your machine down time. It will be worth for you subscribe free trial and experience how it works you!

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