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Maximizing ROI with Field Service Management Software: Tips and Strategies

Modernizing Field Service

In today’s dynamic business arena, companies are constantly reinventing and innovating their manufacturing and field service business. It is essential to maximize their return on investment (ROI). Effective maintenance management can help service firms optimize equipment uptime and productivity while reducing costs. Observing the benefits of field service management software in streamlining field work, firms are fast resorting to automation of work order management to drive revenue growth.

The Power of Cloud & Automation

To be competitive in the race, a company should present high-quality, customer-friendly, flexible services via modern communication channels. Customers should be able to book a service via a mobile app. How nice would it be if the software application detects a failure using sensors and raises a breakdown ticket automatically for your customer? It is possible with cloud and mobile app-based maintenance management software. Organizations can manage field employees, inventories, appointments, AMCs, customer feedback, and payment status – all from a centralized cloud environment via handheld gadgets with access to the internet from anywhere. A good FSM software provides offline capabilities too for field workers to access the necessary information and continue service in remote areas.

Early Detection of Equipment Issues

To offer outstanding services maintenance managers must be able to measure the performance of assets, service engineers, and facilities without difficulty. The measurement must be reliable and accurate too! FSM software does this for you. It helps spot operational inefficiencies at the early stages before the damage caused by equipment malfunction enlarges. Eliminate the delays in manual work reporting with digital automated reporting from the mobile app of a technician.

Improving FTFR and Other Performance Metrics

Keep your field force energized by offering them instant help as solution banks accessible via mobile app and an internal secure private network for seeking help from other service engineers. It will enable new technicians to fix issues on the first attempt. Frequent site visits due to a lack of expertise or care from a technician are increasingly intolerable these days. Extend your supervision on-field via the mobile app that mandates the technician to punch in, punch out for the day, check-in, and check out before and after tasks. With clear spare visibility into the inventory stock and automated approval workflows, a fix need not be delayed for obtaining a genuine and good quality spare.

Remote Task Assignment for Fulfilling Customer Experiences

Create unique customer experiences by taking care of all aspects of service and customer relationships. Kickstart the experience right from the moment of reviewing the work request and approving it from anywhere at any time via a mobile app. Assign technicians best for the situation based on insights into their current workload, skill set, and current physical location. With insights into technician utilization, work can be evenly distributed, minimizing idle time which translates to better on-field performance. Managing a large and scattered workforce is a pain point for service firms, especially for scheduling and dispatching technicians as per the commitment.

Minimized Fuel Costs with Technician Route Visibility

Once the maintenance supervisor assigns a task to his men, he can have complete visibility into the route taken and can suggest the best or shortest path to reach customers quickly based on the traffic or other road conditions. It helps minimize overhead fuel expenses on account of roundabout routes. You can realize these benefits only if the mobile app is stable and characterized by an easy-to-navigate user interface.

Eliminate Expensive Reactive Maintenance

The FSM Software reduces the likelihood of unexpected equipment downtime and the need for costly replacements. You tend to cover all planned preventive maintenance tasks with prompt mobile and in-app notifications on task reopening. A calendar helps you glance at the maintenance tasks for the month. Multiple and multilevel reminders and escalations help you enforce the completion of tasks in a time-bound manner. You can thus eliminate costly breakdowns, which cost 3 to 8 times more(than scheduled maintenance), contributing to an improvement in ROI.

Condition based Maintenance to Limit PPM Expenses

FSM software has the superior ability to predict failure based on equipment running conditions and real-time usage. You can judge the ideal maintenance time for heavy equipment for which frequent preventive maintenance may be costlier. Automate tasks such as vibration analysis to detect abnormal and faulty vibrations that signal a nearing failure. Thus modern-day FSM software helps you optimize ROI with the right mix of preventive, predictive, and reactive maintenance.

Reduction in Work order Errors

Maintenance tracking software promotes collaborative work among various maintenance teams to resolve and deliver meaningful fixes. A digital approach to maintenance management saves quality time every day for all stakeholders by greatly reducing errors which means your firm can serve more customers in a day for elevated profits.

Clear Maintenance Records for Later Reference

Apart from real-time field visibility,  Field service software notifies customers of every work order activity and updates and records their feedback and service ratings. It maintains an audit trail of who worked on what, who were the supervisors, who approved the tasks, the date a spare left the inventory, the asset which consumed the spare, etc. You can retrieve this information for any work order in just a few clicks without straining the eyes. The search operation helps in data analysis for continuous process improvement leading to business prosperity.

Good Customer Experiences at Peak Loads

Serve exceptionally good customer experiences that linger in the customers’ minds. In the 5G technology era, it is possible only with the digital transformation of the maintenance business. FSM software helps you retain customers and acquire repeat business as it empowers you with the strength to maintain consistently good performance at any peak workload. Gartner reports claim that 64% prioritize customer experience over price during a purchase decision.

FSM Software Flexibility for Streamlining Work

The ability to maximize the return on this investment will differentiate the leading field service providers from the rest. Best-planned schedules executed with sincere efforts too may need alteration based on the current work scenario. That flexibility without compromising on efficiencies is possible only using the real-time approach of FSM cloud and mobile app-based software. Set the momentum for the growth trajectory in business by following the path of recent winners!


To Maximizing ROI with Field Service Management Software

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