PM Checklists What is the checklist for preventive maintenance? Preventive maintenance tries to maintain the facility and its assets in a timely and routine manner to ensure the facility is fit for carrying out core business operations.  A preventative maintenance program is successful only if facility owners resort to automation. Schedule maintenance tasks well in advance to unfold at regular intervals. Automation, in line with current Industrial Revolution 4.0, is rapidly transforming monotonous, routine, and complex business functions, saving a great deal of time and effort. An able CMMS will also automate maintenance based on certain conditions indicated by the parameters of sophisticated machinery. A CMMS does this by interconnecting assets, sensors, hardware, processes, and people in a digital pipeline that reduces human intervention to a greater extent. With an account executive role in the application, the facility manager can horizontally map the user with multiple maintenance teams for quicker and seamless routing of service requests.  Here are a few checklists applicable to different spheres of facility maintenance such as electrical, plumbing, HVAC, etc. 

Food industry

Check if rat and fly traps are functional in slaughterhouses/meat processing units. A valid and legal contract with the third-party/ pest control service providers should be available on the premises. With InnoMaint Food Safety Management Software, you can make it mandatory at the early stages. 
  1. Ensure temporary fixes do not put product safety at risk and permanent fixes are provided. With Innomaint food maintenance software, you can mark the fix status as “Fixed on Trial” and track it separately. 
  2. In case of entry of pests into the meat processing unit, check if the treatment with chemical or biological agents is undertaken only by trained personnel. Do this by defining user groups and auto-assigning tasks with able technicians using InnoMaint. 
  3. Ensure only approved baits and pesticides are used by generating QR codes using the InnoMaint application and pasting them over it for authentication.
  4. A periodic digital audit of the system to identify deviations from the GMP / GHP system. Your auditors can do digital audits with all information recorded in cloud servers accessible instantly and conveniently from the chair. 
  5. Track Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point(HACCP) using sensors and let the CMMS application send automatic alerts or trigger predefined schedules for corrective action upon detecting breaches.
  6. Maintain utensil monitoring records, vehicle inspection records, waste disposal records, etc., in remote servers free from physical damages or accidental deletion from laptops. 
  7. Generate breakdown maintenance reports, preventive maintenance reports, etc. Instantly for quick data-driven decisions. 


  1. Set push and email notifications to remind replacement of batteries in smoke detectors.  
  2. Check exterior lights and fix the problem of torn or weak cables, if any. Assign the concerned task to new or unskilled technicians automatically so that skilled technicians are available for complex tasks.
  1. Gain live insights into occupancy status in any room in the facility via your mobile to plan adequate lighting requirements. 
  2. Verify if timers and photocells in automatic night lamps are functioning correctly.
  3. Inspect and clean all exhaust fans.
  4. Check the electric power line from utility poles to the building.
  5. Remove any Branches of trees fallen apart and hanging over the wires.
  6. Check if the power lines are high enough not to be hit by a moving truck or lorry.
  7. Check for necessary earthing to avoid electrocution.
  8. Check the distilled water levels in the inverter each month and replenish them whenever necessary.
  9. Schedule lubrication for assets.
An U.S. Fire Administration statistics indicates electrical malfunction constitutes around eight percent of residential fire fatalities. A routine electric maintenance service prolongs the life of your electrical systems and helps you avoid expensive repairs.  HVAC
  1. Check the real time electric power consumption at anytime from your mobile and decide on turning them off accordingly.
  2. Capture replacement of genuine and new spares replacement as video and attach it to relevant maintenance tickets for enhanced reliability.
  3. Use calibration workflow to ensure the accuracy of instrument used to measure amp and volt draw.
  4. Detach and wash air filters from the indoor unit.
  5. Check if the evaporator coils of the split AC indoor unit are dirty.If so, clean using a wet cloth.
  6. Check the drain at the rear end for blockages.
  7. Check the coils of ducted air conditioning unit for debris, dirt or dust.
  8. Listen for strange noises while starting and stopping duct air conditioner.
  9. Lubricate moving parts such as fan motors.
  10. Inspect electric controls, wiring.
  11. Once serviced, cycle the Air conditioning unit through its operation to ensure it has regained its maximum cooling capacity without any issues.
 Building Interior
  1. Trigger mobile alerts to facility owners on the expiry of firefighting equipment licenses so that they are in the maintenance loop along with the facility manager. 
  2. Measure water consumption using sensors so regulate the usage minimizing leakage or wastage.
  3. Examine if doors open without friction and exit pathways are clear at irregular intervals based on room bookings.
  4. Fetch AMC data instantly from the cloud servers for easier renewal of current AMCs.
  5. Reschedule appointments without any hassles from mobile.
  6. Let technicians only within the Geo-Fencing circle to accept ticket assignments for quicker action.
  7. Inspect the condition and operation of toilets and showers.
  8. Inspect for accumulation of trash in storage areas.
  9. Inspect for evidence of infestation by termites.
  1. Get quote for construction materials from multiple vendors via an integrated procurement management system without delay at the best prices.
  2. Trace the route of technicians enroute to the facility for transparency in business and help them take the best or shortest route.
  3. Improve technician engagement by defining multiple and multilevel reminders and escalations to minimize maintenance backlogs.
  4. Identify paint peeling off from walls.
  5. Inspect the walls for cracks.
  6. Examine the condition of all railings supporting vertical grills.
  7. Uproot the plants growing on the building, if any.
  8. Make sure that the decorative roofs do not leak.
  9. Clear the dried leaves accumulated over the sheet of the metal roofing system in the parking lot at regular intervals.
Branded laptop/PC maintenance
  1. Test the charge retention capacity of the laptop by triggering schedules based on the hours of usage.
  2. Track the closing stock of computer peripherals and accessories in your inventory and set minimum re-order alerts to be received on your mobile.
  3. Check for the performance of the system once a month. In case of performance issues, set multiple reminders and escalations in the CMMS application.
  4. Provide a progressive self-diagnosis mechanism for your customers to find solutions to common issues,by themselves, without raising a support ticket.
  5. View the work order distribution on each floor graphically so that many machines do not simultaneously shut themselves from production.
  6. Re-install the OS repetitively based on the calendar year after a complete backup of required files.
  7. Update the virus definitions in the antivirus software.
  8. Run the system cleaning utility, once a week, to eliminate junk files and invalid registry entries.
  9. Check if the LAN, USB, UPS, Monitor, and other drivers are installed and up to date.
Oversee & streamline maintenance operations across multiple service centers from the comfort of any favorite location or while on the move from your mobile.  A facility manager requires a centralized view of the entire set of work orders and a well-organized process to track the work orders effectively. Innomaint is one of the most sought after competent CMMS powering millions of work orders across the globe daily. Subscribe and provide a jumpstart to maintenance!!

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