Innomaint release of version 3.0

1. Creation of Services

As a Super Admin / Operation Manager navigate to Setup > Services. Service Type may either be a Hard service or Soft service.

As you may know, Hard services are ones which relate to the physical fabric of the building and cannot be removed. They ensure the safety and welfare of employees and generally are required by law.

The following tasks may be mapped to Hard Services:
i) Inspection Task
ii) Monitoring Task
iii) Calibration Task
iv) Approval task
V) Spare Replacement

Soft services are ones which make the workplace more pleasant or secure to work in. The following tasks may be mapped to Soft Services:

i) Inspection Task
ii) Spare Replacement

2.Creation of Service Package

Once services are created you would move on to create service packages. The service package may comprise both hard & soft services. The tasks under each services will be listed out from which you can edit task details as well.

Other relevant details such as service price ,frequency of service and number of assets that can be serviced shall then be provided.

3. AMC Management

Navigate to AMC Management menu.Click ‘Add AMC’ button.

Configured Service packages will reflected in Add AMC screen, so that we can create AMC for based on service package.

1. In Add AMC Screen we have provision to select customer and his location details. We can configure AMC start date, Contract Period etc.
2. The service package configuration details such as like Frequency of services, Number of assets, Task, Price, Quantity can be modified from this screen- for the convenience of Super Admin / Operation Manager.

Upon choosing instances of Asset Model the AMC will be initiated. Total service amount will be calculated (taxes applied as per tax configurations) with tax will be included

The newly created AMC will be listed in the grid with status “New”. This AMC can now be assigned for site inspection to user with comments. Usually Technician will be assigned with site inspection tasks. However users in the higher hierarchy such as Project Coordinator, Admin can also assign estimation task for themselves.
The assigned user will displayed in list for the AMC.

Usually Project Coordinator handles assignment of site inspection tasks to Technicians. Technicians can either accept the task or reject by citing valid reasons.

After logging in Technician navigates to ‘Site Inspection’ menu in his panel.

On accepting the Site inspection, Technician visits the customer premises & submits site inspection estimation. He can upload site images and document along with his estimation details . Now the status of Site Inspection changes to “Submitted”.

During the maintenance process, Technician can add new asset instances corresponding to the asset model which can be covered under AMC. The two screens shown below are technician facing screens.


Operation Manager shall review & confirm the Site inspection. Now(In technician panel) the status of site inspection becomes “Confirmed”.

Super Admin / Operation Manager can also view the status of site inspection tasks as shown in the below screenshot:

Assign For Quote
Once the status of site inspection becomes “Confirmed” the next step is assignment of quote to Project Coordinator by Super Admin from AMC Management menu > New Tab.

After assignment the Quote Status will change to Assigned (moves to InProgress Tab)

PC can modify the information on the quote such as Frequency, No. of Asset, Price/Quantity & submit the quote.

After submission, Status of the quote changes to “Quoted”. Super Admin receives this quote with status “Estimation Received” in their “In-Progress” Tab. The Operation Manager reviews & confirms the quote.

After confirmation, Quote Status changes to “Quoted”(for Operation Manager) & AMC status changes to “Estimation Received”

The quote is now ready to be sent to customer for approval. Once sent by Super Admin, the Status of AMC will change to “Waiting For Customer Confirmation”. AMC continues to be in the queue of ‘In Progress’ Tab.

Customer has two options, on hand. He can accept or reject the quote for AMC.

Once Customer accepts the Quote, AMC status changes to “Quotation Confirmed”(for Super Admin/Operation Manager)

In this case, payment will be collected either in full or partial & recorded in the system.

Once payment done, Super Admin can initiate the schedule by specifying the start & end date. AMC status changes to “Live” once payment is done.


Schedule will be triggered based on Service name. We can view Service task details and price by clicking PDF icon. Henceforth, the process flow merges with the flow of earlier versions of InnoMaint FSM.

4. Move Management

By this feature, AMS customers can move & track the movement of assets across their business locations. For FSM customers the feature also permits movement of assets from one customer to another customer location through this feature.

Move Management button is placed in Asset maintenance menu page. If the intended asset is under a transaction(PPM schedule or breakdown) the system will prevent the movement until the transaction gets over.

The first step involved in movement of asset is creation of move request by clicking Move Management button.

Super Admin can filter the assets based on asset ID, customer, location, building etc . Once you have narrowed the search down to get the intended asset instance, click ‘Submit’ button.

Move request will be created. The status of the asset will be labeled as ‘Requested’(Refer screenshot below)

Upon clicking Approve button the respective asset shall be moved to selected customer with the asset request status changing to ‘Approved’. We can reject the move request as well.

5.Schedule Edit

Now Super Admin is empowered to edit schedules even after initiation. The changes will get effected from the next schedule.

The list of items that can be modified are:
i) Schedule Frequency
ii) Task
iii) Task Item
iv) Remove task

6. New user roles

1. Project coordinator – Primary responsibility is to assign site inspection tasks to technicians and send AMC quotes to Operation Manager

2. Operation Manager – Has nearly same level of privileges as Super Admin. Reviews AMC Quotes & sends it to customer.

Help desk executive – He is authorized to provide information on the status of AMC for a specified location(s) to customers.

From now onward all user roles will be able to work on AMC PPM, site inspection tasks.

7. Attractive dashboard enriched with KPI matrices.

Now you can view the overall big picture on maintenance department in terms of days, weeks or custom period as against monthly basis in earlier version.

Not only that! You have an entirely new set of metrices

I) Preventive compliance – The extent to which assets complied with planned schedules.
II) Scheduled vs Assigned – The count of upcoming schedules vs assigned ones(maintenance in progress)
III) Work Order By Category – Preventive schedules vs Breakdown Tickets
IV) Average Response Time – The average of first response time to schedules & breakdowns. The initial response may be assignment of tickets, rejection etc.
V) Average Resolve Time – The mean time taken for resolutions of breakdown tickets.
VI) On Time Arrival – The average percentage of arrivals of Technicians to customer/office location premises by which they adhere to system generated tentative time of arrival.
VII) FTFR- The average of cases where technician fixes breakdown in a single attempt.
VIII) Technician Performance – Based on overall customer rating.
IX) SLA Compliance – Extent to which the team adhered to SLA’s defined for various stages of PPM schedules & breakdowns.
X) Spare Consumption: The rate at which spares are used for maintenance activities.

8. User based multi language support:

The application now extends support for multiple languages. For example, UAE customers can choose Arabic, Urudu languages to get the feel of vernacular/regional languages.

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