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Top Benefits of a Field Service Management Software for Various Stakeholders



The global market for field service solutions is expected to grow from $3.02 billion in 2021 to $3.64 billion in 2022 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20.6%. It is even more encouraging to note that the market dampened by the pandemic restrictions is projected to leap to $6.51 billion in 2026, according to a market analysis report by Business Research Company. Previous surveys revealed that 61.0% of fieldwork organizations attempt to measure customer satisfaction through feedback calls, ratings, forms, etc. So InnoMaint Field Service Software provides a load of benefits for the customers of Servicing companies, apart from those for service firms and their technicians.

Field Service Management Software is considered modern if it uses advanced analytics, Big data management, artificial intelligence, and cloud storage. InnoMaint leverages all those capabilities and is truly mobile in that it permits offline operation mode. It stores the offline data online by syncing with a cloud server when online.

Benefits for the customers

  • The customer can access the application via both Web and Mobile platforms and here.
  • The customer can glimpse maintenance work progress updated in real-time via a customizable Dashboard rich with KPI widgets.
  • QR codes enable the quicker raising of a service request for devices whose details are unknown.
  • Dashboard filters to visualize data based on the customer requirement
  • Customer approves the task completed by external third-party service contractors with digital signatures.
  • Customers can view the current status of their work orders, any time, quickly from the scheduler and calendar.
  • Customer can access the photos and videos attached for a particular work order for illustration purposes.
  • Customers can acknowledge the completion of preventive and corrective work orders with their digital signature along with feedback rating.
  • Customer can use the software in multiple languages supported by the application.
  • Scheduled PPM and Breakdown ticket completion reports shall automatically be mailed to the customer as ‘Pdf’ files.
  • Customer can raise a renewal request for AMC by himself through the application.
  • Customer will receive alerts and notifications for the progress of work orders based on notification settings.
  • Customer can track the current location of the service technician en route for duty at regular time intervals based on settings and also access information on the total distance traveled by a technician.
  • AI-based progressive self-diagnosis module helps address issues at the source eliminating the traffic of needless tickets routed into the system.

Benefits for Branded Service Organizations

  • A two-way feedback loop to know both sides of the coin – from customers and technicians.
  • A well-thought-out process that engages customers during each stage of service, upholding transparency in the process.
  • Customized quote preparation and invoicing for a personalized touch.
  • End to End AMC management with easy renewal options and actionable data for expanding the scope of business
  • Custom Plans to match the service requirements of any customer
  • Ticketing systems with Multimedia capabilities illustrate issues in a crystal clear way.
  • Mobile app for every stakeholder to improve collaboration on work orders.
  • Field manager can track the current location of the service technician en route for duty at regular time intervals based on settings and also access information on the total distance traveled by a technician.
  • An account executive role in the application, the facility manager can horizontally map the user with multiple maintenance teams for quicker and seamless routing of service requests.

The transit time between jobs is an important KPI for three reasons:

  1. The time technicians spend driving is inversely proportional to billable working hours. Managers can help technicians choose the shortest route with visibility into the path traversed by the latter.
  2. A roundabout route devours more fuel, quickly depreciates vehicles and can eat into the bottom lines.
  3. A high travel time indicates the service firm books calls in far-flung areas from its business location.
  • Ability to raise service requests from any location and auto-assign tickets intuitively in full view of the  dynamic workload and within the Geo-Fencing location of the customer for quick outreach.
  • IoT integration enables raising automatic corrective and condition-based maintenance tickets saving relatively higher preventive maintenance costs.
  • Simplify customer experience with effective handling of tickets during peak loads.
  • Interactive & customizable Reports for sound decision-making and quick meetings
  • Ability to view KPI metric values from the web and mobile dashboards.
  • With GPS Tracking, Technicians can no more give false statements about their current location.
  • Gain organization-wide visibility and know the areas that demand attention.
  • Ability to drive quick results by providing technicians with reusable solutions as a solution bank which comes in handy for technicians to improve First Time Fix Rates.
  • Field managers can drive work in offline mode. Technicians can update their work progress in the mobile app which will be reflected in the application while back online.
  • Service Providers can store the spares at the customer location and be informed of the closing stock on each transaction. They can set minimum re-order levels.
  • They can make service history instantly available to the technicians via a simple QR Code mobile scan.
  • The organizations can level up the skills and improve the knowledge of their technicians by providing a forum for internal communication and continuous improvement via RSS Feed & News Feed.
  • Fosters operational excellence and consistency by elaborating best practices and establishing benchmarks for best performance.
  • Exclusive workflow for Warranty & Contract Management.
  • Improves technician engagement by enforcing adherence to SLAs and using multiple and multilevel reminders and escalations.


To keep the engineering service business on track, managers have to be in the know of the most recent values of key performance indicators. Service firms increasingly resort to digital tools to measure performance and arrive at data-driven business decisions. Such decisions include but are not limited to when to plan additional training sessions, when to hike service charges, and which technician to dispatch a specific job.

Data will be the undisputed king in 2022, as business functions are rapidly automated. Leading service firms are turning to FSM software to grow their service business. Line supervisors can use KPIs to improve every aspect of the field service business, including rescheduling appointments, dispatching technicians, parts requisitions, etc.

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