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Innomaint V4.13: Light Up Productivity by Automating Procurement and with the Flexibility of Dynamic Dashboards

Procurement Management

Automate the process of purchase request & approval, request for quotes, quote comparison, purchase order, receipt of goods, quality check, etc., using the Procurement management module. This is essential to put an end to the needless inefficiencies and delays in traditional purchases.

Users in the capacity of Machine Owner, Machine Supervisor, etc., can request for assets, spares, and consumables. The workflow for requests can take place in either of these ways:

i) Placing a material request to a specific store

If the requested quantity of the material is available in the store, the storekeeper shall deliver it to a common store from where the requester can obtain the materials. It will be the course of action if approvers are not defined. If defined, the delivery shall occur after approval.

In case the requested material is not available in the specific store, the storekeeper shall place a purchase request for the same.

If the requested material is available but not in sufficient(requested) quantity, a purchase request shall automatically be generated corresponding to the difference in quantity. The storekeeper delivers the available quantity to the common store from where the requester can obtain the materials.

Apart from this, whenever the inventory stock goes below minimum re-order levels, a purchase request is automatically generated to maintain the minimum levels defined for each inventory item.



ii) Placing a direct purchase request

Serial or Parallel Approvers may be configured based on the monetary value of purchase.

Users such as machine owners and machine supervisors may directly submit a purchase request in cases where they are well aware that the required material is not available in any of the internal stores.


iii) Quote request & comparison

You can request for quote by associating quote request with a purchase request and a supplier.The application mails the quote request to the selected supplier.

Once the supplier replies to the mail, download the quote and feed it in the application for comparison against other quotes.


As with the case of material and purchase requests, quote request may require an approval. You can compare up to 3 quotes from the same screen.

iv) Raising Purchase Orders

Once all the preliminary activities are done, raise a Purchase Order by associating purchase orders with a quote or purchase request.


v) Quality check

It is essential to conduct quality checks at the earliest to facilitate the exchange or return of goods.

Once the ordered goods arrive, quality check personnel shall perform quality and quantity checks, and assign the stock(passed tests) to the precise location in a store(rack, shelf).

vi) Final entry

After quality tests, update the inventory records including Expected quantity, received quantity, delivery date, etc.


As with other cases, the material inward entries require the approval of higher authorities.

Once you complete these steps, the application will automatically prepare the details on purchase returns.

vii) Procurement Reports

Find useful comprehensive reports on procurement management including:

  • Spare Parts Requests
  • Quote Requests
  • Purchase Order
  • Invoices

The reports help in improving purchase experiences in the future with quick analytics. As with any other report in the Innomaint application, you can customize these reports with fields of your choice, for a specific period, etc., and download them in PDF and excel formats.

IoT Solutions

Use Innomaint IoT solutions to connect all your IoT devices(sensors) with the IoT cloud application, mobile apps, and all maintenance stakeholders in a single digital pipeline.

Have the freedom to create the schema of your Dashboard for various user roles, providing all the necessary information while upholding the required confidentiality.

Define rules and thresholds based on the readings generated by the wireless sensors to raise alarms. Receive push notifications about new alarms over email, SMS, or other systems to remain connected with your environment. You may do this to preserve air quality, safeguard the environment from pollution, track essential asset parameters, etc.




Contact Innomaint to set up the visualization for IoT Data. Once we enable, you’ll obtain two types of accounts:

1. Super Admin Account: The SuperAdmin can configure Customer account with a Dashboard. The Super Admin can create and associate alarms with customer users.

The Super Admin shall decide on the number of customer Dashboards and the widgets in each of them.


2. Customer Account: Also referred as Tenant account, Super Admin creates real-time end-user Dashboards. InnoMaint can create these account types on your behalf. Filters are available to customize your data visualization.

Dynamic Dashboard

The feature allows you to create and customize interactive visualizations of the application data for the key metrics and analyze your data in one place.

It is here where a self-service business intelligence opportunity sets in, where users can filter the data to display just what’s important to them.

You can also create and assign Dynamic Dashboards to specific users and customers and regulate their privileges to monitor, manage, and analyze their data.



Workflow Modelling

Workflow Modelling or Business Process Management BPM is a tool that can help you create, view, and alter business processes based on custom requirements.

It can help perform fit-gap analysis, generate flowcharts, and store business process data in the cloud.

Do this visually and easily with drag-and-drop controls.These workflows can be integrated with other applications to extend their capability, rendering a professional touch.

Define tasks, fix in charges and approvers, lay out of conditions or criteria, and automate any aspect of business processes with InnoMaint’s workflow automation software.

Standardize business processes across the organization to give a boost to agility. Automate common workflows such as Attendance tracking, Incident reporting, invoice processing, employee onboarding, patient surveys, claims processing, audit workflow, cash management, etc.,

Automating workflows is so easy, powerful, and flexible now!



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Never Miss an Innomaint Update


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