Why CMMS for Food & Beverage Industry

QA Magazine, a fortnightly publication from GIE Media, is exclusive for subject matter experts in the food and beverage industry with a special focus on food safety, quality, and preventing issues before they occur. The magazines content revolves around  practical insights, analysis of processes in facilities,  current issues and trends, etc.
A survey carried  out by the magazine conveys 32 % of the food consumers had doubts on the food safety supply. Even those who expressed faith wanted to learn more about production and supply chain.

  • Health and safety are the foremost concerns for the food and beverage industry. Compliance with the ever stringent standards laid down by the regulatory bodies is also very important for business sustenance. A CMMS simplifies compliance so that those in food industry do not feel the heat.
  • Enforce and habitualize food hygiene & sanitation practices such as wearing chef hats, aprons, masks and gloves; disinfection of common points; protocols for storage and distribution of food, using a Food Packaging Industry Maintenance Software
Pain Points Unique to Food Industries

Common resistance to change by employees

Ignorance on operating gadgets like mobile and tabs.

Staff unaware of requirements

Expensive development and implementation

Unsuitable infrastructure for validating, verifying FSMS

Cost of education and training

Shifting blames avoiding responsibility

Ever changing regulatory standards

Lack of access to information needed

Unable to obtain Government support

Problems Faced by Food Industries

  1. Equipment reliability: Equipment malfunction, human error, measurement error,  can affect throughput and profits, if devoid of regular maintenance.
  2. Food waste management: Machine failure or malfunction causes increased food wastage besides affecting production, it also generates food waste.
  3. Asset Management Decisions: Though absolutely necessary, management may be unable to allocate funds in advance for asset replacement if they can’t readily access asset history & maintenance data.
  4. Food safety regulation management: Many food businesses feel it difficult to demonstrate compliance to FDA, USDA, & ISO 22000 with the necessary documents.
  5. Maintenance operation: Spreadsheet based work order management is associated with limitations and highly inefficient when the volume of work is high.
Key Common Requirement for Food Safety Standards

How CMMS Can Help Food Industry?

With a CMMS suited for food and beverage industry,  preventive maintenance programs dramatically shorten equipment downtime and   maximize asset life.

Benefits Using InnoMaint CMMS

  1. Lowered insurance premium
  2. Reduced operating expenses
  3. Enhanced trading prospects abroad
  4. Improved employee morale
  5. Improved corporate image
  6. Compliance with regulatory requirements
  7. Improved product quality
  8. Streamlined internal procedures
  9. Enhanced customer satisfaction

  1. A close fit for food industry

Our food safety management software can be used at various levels in the food supply chain. – Food manufacturing factories, food processing and preserving units, food delivery businesses, restaurants, etc.

  1. Reduced Food wastage

Minimize food wastage to acceptable levels by automating routine checks in units of mass or volume during various stages of production and carry out remedial actions with the help of digital checklists.

  1. Food safety audit

HACCP monitoring tasks and schedules help facilities processing meat and seafood reinforce hygiene and pest control norms. Internal audits can be done as a rehearsal for external audits at unbelievable speeds.

  1. Monitoring Records

The parameters signaling hazards such as temperature, pressure, etc., can thoroughly be monitored. Concerned stakeholders receive instant mobile and in-app alerts to rectify the food quality.

  1. Retrieve Documents When You Need Them

InnoMaint lets users store user manuals, troubleshooting guides, SOP, etc. for assets in a safe, secure, and highly reliable centralize cloud storage retrievable in a few clicks.

To Automate Your Food Safety Management Software

Food Quality Standards using InnoMaint’s Food Safety Management Software and Improve Overall Production

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