Indoshell Cast Private Ltd” Located in Coimbatore, an industrial town of Tamil Nadu, India, IndoShell Cast Private Ltd.(ISCPL) is a market leader in the casting realm with the shell moulding process. ISCPL has a production capacity of 1300 tons a month. The company, with a legacy of 50 years, manufactures Automobile, Hydraulic, Construction Industry parts, etc., and supplies them to OEMs in domestic and international markets. The largest global manufacturer of two- wheeler engine cylinder blocks, ISCPL, recently acquired 5 Six Sigma black belt certifications

Indo Shell Cast

Industry Manufacturing Company
Established 1974
Location Coimbatore

Problem Statement

ISCPL tracked all the maintenance activities from Excel sheets, which it found difficult.

The senior management wished to record all the maintenance operations on assets automatically and trace maintenance historyquickly and easily, on need.

Branch managers manually approved the paper quote submitted by technicians.

They were looking for a digital solution to automate preventive maintenance schedules to reduce the likelihood of equipment breakdown.


Solutions  by InnoMaint

Innomaint reminds maintenance teams of upcoming preventive work orders based on the configuration.

Management receives daily reports by email and can drill down reports corresponding to any criteria for a
particular period

Upon ticket creation, the application notifies key stakeholders and technicians via SMS alerts so that every breakdown is promptly noticed and attended to.

Any first observer of a defect can raise a breakdown service request for the concerned equipment with a simple QR code scan via the Innomaint mobile app or by entering asset.

The application empowered maintenance managers to send multiple and multilevel reminders to people across
the organizational hierarchy.

The management set reasonable and tolerable timelines for every stage of the work order in the form of Service Level Agreements(SLA). The application notified the immediate supervisor upon the first breach in a work order.

Upon successive breaches(frequency of timeconfigured), it notified authorities up in the hierarchy.



Proper reminders for Periodic maintenance reduced the breakdown frequency

Management easily tracked technician performance on work orders

Easy evaluation of asset performance

Increased asset life cycle

Able to get to the bottom of the issue and maximize equipment uptime

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