Established in 1988, Bonjour is one of the biggest socks manufacturer and exporter in India that serves 14,000+ retailers and 180+ distributors. The three fully operational facilities in India’s national capital region jointly span an area of 2 lakh 50 thousand sq. Ft of area. Bonjour Group, specializing in premium quality socks, has spread far into USA, Saudi Arabia and European markets, as well. They continue to align with the latest fashion trends and are steadfast in providing the best quality range of sports, school, diabetic, and compression socks . The N9 pure silver technology renders anti-odor and anti-microbial properties to the socks. They have expanded the product line to garments such as casual wear and accessories too!


Industry Textile
Location India
Founded 1988

Problem Statement

Bonjour’s rigorous production methodology includes processing, dying, knitting, linking, quality testing , etc. They were looking for a software to:

  • maintain and manage their 200+ knitting machinery and IT assets
  • generate reports on maintenance operations from remote locations to avoid relying on the employees at floor for accurate reports.

They resorted to maintenance automation for freedom from the maintenance of paper-based records. It was difficult for line supervisors to sync with maintenance progress and measure the accurate time consumed for repairs. They were not immediately aware of the blockers to quick service. The employees had to waste time on paper submission for maintenance reports. It was difficult to gather the data on maintenance operations performed during night shifts.

The management wished to assign maintenance tasks according to the arrangement of the knitting machine. Line supervisors wanted to associate specific engineers for each line.

They wished to classify assets in two categories before maintenance, as exclusive maintenance teams were available for the two disparate categories given below:


  1. Knitting machine
  2. IT assets

They wished confidentiality of operations between IT Head and knitting machine Maintenance Head on the asset details and maintenance progress. Each manager shall view only data relevant to their department.

Solutions Provided by InnoMaint

We recommend our EAM solution befitting their requirements. The application provides a provision to raise service requests by referring to the line number. We grouped(mapped) assets under each line. Similarly we mapped the engineers to respective line number. 

As and when schedules or tickets open up, the application automatically assigns the tasks to the respective service category heads based on mapping. They assign them to one of their team members(mapped to the particular line) based on the real-time view of the current workload of each technician and expertise. This approach ensures quick assignment of work to the intended person. 

Maintenance managers can easily drill down day-to-day maintenance activities using our transactional report.



 With the overall betterment in maintenance, owing to digital transformation, Bonjour subscribed for 40 users.

 Asset lifespan increased by 20%

 Productivity increased by 15% with best productivity levels of knitting machines.

Maintenance managers got any report on in-house maintenance from anywhere, at any time. 

The system infused a culture of transparency in operations across shifts. 

Maintenance automation saved time for all employees, including line operators, technicians, supervisors, and top management.

Complete eradication of paper reports.

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