Ranch Market is a supermarket or chain of retail stores in U.S.A serving products including bakery, fruits, vegetable, meat, grocery items etc. They have a good reputation in the market for the wholesome, nutritious and tasty food. They source fresh products from trusted suppliers. Several franchisee’s run the business since 1998 in Indonesia. It provides fresh products catering for high-end and middle-high class customers. To uphold and maintain customer loyalty Ranch Market continues to improve the shopping experience and customer satisfaction.
Ranch Market
Industry Retail Stores
Location Buena Park, California, United States
Founded 1984

Problem Statement

By the early 2020, the Company was operating 48 stores located in several cities in Jakarta, Jabodetabek, Surabaya etc.The management of Ranch Market wished to manage their stores at various locations by themselves. Each Store Manager and supervisor came across difficulties in raising service requests for maintenance of assets in their store. The Supervisor (Civil, Electrical, HVAC) were not in a position to track the technicians for assigned job work orders on a daily basis. They did not have a means to measure the performance at work, time consumed for work, completeness of the fix provided etc.

They wished to have a closer scrutiny on the performance and promptness of service engineers.

Solutions Provided by InnoMaint

    • With the help of InnoMaint AMS Software the Management easily generated and printed QR code and pasted them on assets for easier asset identification, and pulled out complete service history by scanning QR code for best fixes.
    • Mobile application for all their Store Managers & Supervisors to raise service requests instantly.
    • Supervisors were able to assign or reschedule jobs even while away from the store 24×7.
    • Using Geo-Location Tracking the service engineer within Geo Fencing circle attended the store paving the way for quicker resolution.
    • Managers measured the Average Response time, Average Resolve time, SLA compliance etc.
    • Multiple Reports such as Service Request Raised vs completed, Individual work order reports with photo, video along with KPI’s make up for a good analysis of maintenance progress.


   Smooth work handover to a different team or external service contractor.
   Technician’s performance can be rated based on several aspects & KPI metrices.
   Store managers can now establish a benchmark for performance by comparison with other stores after proper authentication.
   Managers were able to carry the power of CMMS in their palm wherever they go.
   Assets or tools can be moved between locations without any deadlocks. With clear visibility.
✔   Knowledge of seniors is available in the form of knowledge base to provide quickest fixes.
✔   Multiple & multi-level reminders and escalations keep important or long pending tasks in the loop of Managers or supervisors.

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