Elevator Engineering & Equipment(EEE) SAL, is an agent of the company “Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Co Ltd” that lies in the forefront of manufacturing Elevators, Escalators, Moving Walks, Platform Lifts & Service Lifts. They also receive the moving components from few other manufacturers too.

EEE SAL is into the conveying field with offices in the Middle East Asia, Dubai, West Asian countries Lebanon, Iraq & North African country Algeria handling supply, installation, repairs and maintenance of the moving components for organizations both in the public and private sectors.

Elevator Engineering & Equipment(EEE) SAL
Industry Field Service
Location Lebanon, Algeria and Iraq

Problem Statement

The worldwide presence and influence of InnoMaint CMMS in the global market spread to EEE SAL. They approached InnoMaint for seeking a digital solution that was accessible readily via mobile app that will connect, collect and collate information on service between their customers, technician and field managers. Less efficient processes did not allow the team to service as many customers as they wanted to within a short span of time.

They wished to explore the power of automation in assigning technician with jobs, having an eye on the journey of technicians during the transit, gain transparency in to maintenance operations. They also realized that internet connectivity may be intermittent at times and wanted the application to provide a provision for continuing the work in offline mode too, especially while technicians were working inside the lift & in the basement.

They expressed the practical difficulties in initiation, execution of AMC’s, managing AMC callouts using traditional methods where it takes a long time to check if the Callout service is free and covered under AMC definition or is payable which in turn affects the prompt service. They run into situations where parts are out of stock which is enough to frustrate the customer. They were also doubtful if the technicians actually visited the customer premises for providing the fixes or just false reported to the supervisors by just guiding customers via mobile call.

Solutions Provided by InnoMaint

Let us see how EEE SAL performed their work better, cheaper on the fast track to achieving operational excellence with the right Digital tool InnoMaint. It unified all decision-makers in a single digital pipeline by automating adherence to compliance standards, driving performance and pre-agreed work order expenses with the flexible rescheduling of appointments by Customers from the comfort of their home or office via a mobile app.

EEE SAL was quite satisfied by the Auto Assigning of PPM tasks for Technicians. The tasks unfolded at the right time with technicians receiving alerts on the task assignments in the form of in-app notifications and email notifications for not missing out on new jobs while in a hectic schedule.

Geo-Location Tracking provided constant updates on the current real-time location of technicians to both Customer Head and Field Managers. This entailed on-time arrival. They had to check in and check out before commencing and closing the tasks. This directly captures the time taken on completion. FTFR metrics captured the number of first-time fixes which evaluated the technical expertise of the technician.

Field managers and supervisors fixed the maximum time a service request or PPM schedule task can remain in various stages such as New, In-Progress, Closed, etc. This reduced maintenance backlogs as SLA breaches were escalated automatically to supervisors.

Maintenance technicians were grouped based on the field of expertise. They completed the assigned tasks quickly by providing solutions to common issues within a few minutes. This was made possible by instant access to the solution bank readily accessible via mobile. The best technician among those nearby were sent after viewing the current workload of the technician. This information was easily viewable before the assignment of tasks. The service organization was able to track payment arrears for AMC and access the data required to expand the scope of business could be easily retrieved securely anywhere that helped them extend the coverage of AMC’s for better financial security.

InnoMaint provided Spares Usage Report Customer wise, provision to store spares at customer premises for quicker dispatch of parts necessary to complete the service along with the provision to continue work in offline mode and sync data when back online.


   InnoMaint helped EEE SAL meet all safety and quality requirements as detailed in the legislation (Lift Directive 2014/33/EU; EN81).
   Improved tracking of the workforce to increase MTBF, FTFR, etc.
   Technicians can accept service requests, only after arrival at customer Geo Fencing Location.
   Technicians continued work while inside the elevator and in basement where internet connectivity is weak.
   Right levels of spare were maintained & dispatched immediately.
✔   AMC’s were executed seamlessly with easier tracking of payment arrears.
✔   End-users of elevators and escalators were happy with the uninterrupted and high-quality services spreading ripples of a smile.
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