Tender cuts have revolutionized the highly unorganized segment of the non-veg food retail market. The market value is 2 lakh crore in India.

It is the only omnichannel player in the segment making use of all online digital platforms to market, sell and provide information on its products. It has acquired a unique record-breaking 1 lakh + customers within a short span since inception.

The retailer procures animals or products from nearby local communities. It delivers farm fresh, freshly cut, and packaged mutton, chicken & fish free from antibiotics and preservatives from a world-class centralized processing center that is WHO compliant and FSSAI certified. It also sells non-veg snacks and pickles as complementary products.

Tender Cuts

Industry Food
Location India
Founded 2016

Problem Statement

The retailer hit the news recently when its technology framework received 2,500 orders per hour. With such increasing demand, 75% of their business comes from online channels. The retailer has opened 38 new outlets this year to meet the increase in demand.

Proportionately they wished to manage their maintenance activities digitally for their chain of stores in different cities across India. The retailer used multiple assets with varied maintenance needs to maintain accuracy in weight, quality of cuts, storage of meat in coolers, etc. They wished to strengthen their technical framework with maintenance automation to track the assets efficiently.

Solutions Provided by InnoMaint

Tender cuts had an in-house maintenance team for attending to repairs. Innomaint’s FMS application digitized its maintenance operations.

Each store can register its complaint and overview the overall maintenance status. The application upheld the confidentiality of operations within a store. It provided Senior management with the privilege of viewing and comparing the maintenance progress of all stores.  

 Each store manager instructed their subordinates to generate QR codes using the application and paste them on every asset. With a simple QR code scan, any employee available raised service requests on noticing malfunctions. Once a store submitted a service request, the software notified the in-house Maintenance team via mobile.

Maintenance managers tracked the mileage and route taken by technicians via Geo Location Tracking. In addition, they accurately monitored the time spent on work with punch-in and punch-out capabilities.



The retailer streamlines maintenance operations across more than 55 stores across Chennai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad without any difficulty.

The senior management had clear visibility into the count, distribution, maintenance status, and interdependencies among assets.

InnoMaint empowered their technology-enabled delivery system to be future-ready to handle many more orders concurrently.

Maintenance managers ensured on-time arrival of technicians.

Management controlled service costs with full automation of preventive maintenance

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