The EEW Group(EEW MALAYSIA SDN. BHD), one of the leading pipe manufacturers in the world, produces LSAW steel pipes and pre-fabricated pipe components. It has a proud heritage of more than 85 years in business. With nine production facilities around the globe, the annual production capacity exceeds 9 lakh tonnes of pipes. The production house, with a staff strength of over 2100, is a reliable partner for the offshore construction business.

EEW Group

Industry Pipe manufacturers
Location Malaysia

Problem Statement

As the organization spread out its manufacturing units across the globe, EEW internal maintenance team faced difficulties in streamlining the asset management, inventory management and manufacturing facilities management across multiple locations. 

The multitude of processes meant different Standard Operating Procedures(SOP) for various equipment. Standardization of the SOP’s for asset and facility management was the need of the hour. Enforcing adherence to these processes and upkeep of maintenance operations to the expected standards with manual approaches using excel sheets and paper was challenging, pressing the need for a cloud and mobile app based digital solution. 

The management wished to have an elaborate account of the performance of the assets and technical team to scrutinize the reports, identify areas requiring attention and initiate corrective actions. They couldn’t measure work performance using manual approach. 

The management wished to track the usage pattern of spares and consumables utilized for maintenance operation – i.e., the asset which consumed the spare, the period of maximum consumption, etc. 


Solutions Provided by InnoMaint

Using the InnoMaint application, maintenance experts provided clear and step-by-step work instructions on service. Technicians accessed these checklists via the mobile app. The workflow required them to ‘check’ each item after completion.  In this way, maintenance managers ensured that technicians followed SOP while working on PPM tasks. Thus before performing any sensitive operation, it enabled quick review and approval by concerned authorities.

The application provided a centralized view of the availability of spares from any remote location from mobile devices. Inventory managers could view the closing stock upon each transaction, current stock level, etc.

The automation solution alerted stakeholders when each item type reached minimum re-order levels. So the inventory never ran out of stock. The application maintained the history of each spare. The automated reporting abilities of the application from the mobile app measured actual time spent at work, calculated First Time Fix Rates, the performance of each asset, etc.

The KPI and Dashboard helped the management measure the pulse of the workforce and production equipment performance. The application alerted the supervisor of a service request or opening up of scheduled PPM tasks via push, in-app, and email alerts.



Supervisors were comfortable with the maintenance team’s adherence to standard operating procedures.

Innomaint’s user-friendly mobile app enabled the technical team to well execute the maintenance activities with accurate records.

With the accurate records on work orders captured from the mobile application, the management team identified the areas for improvement.

  • 95% adherence to SOP’s while working on PPM tasks.
  • Improvement in operational efficiency by up to 30%.
  • 80% enhanced visibility into inventory stock

Aerial view of the entire organization’s performance through a unified platform along with the reports for the stakeholders.

Accurate, reliable, and instant reports for best maintenance decisions.

Better decision on asset disposal or replacement.

Any technician new to the job could easily understand work instructions

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