Having its roots as early as 1939, A.T.E Group of companies offers world-class products spanning several segments of the textile industry. It has a noble and unique reputation for partaking in India’s freedom movement, challenging the monopoly of the foreign Government in the Indian textile industry by then.It is involved in the manufacture of a range of textile machinery, sale of those assets to textile mills and after sales service.
A.T.E Group
Industry Textile
Location India
Founded 1939

Problem Statement

At present, A.T.E is a market leader in India with its end-to-end solutions across the textile value chain. It has diversified into the manufacture of print and packaging equipment, eventually. It was looking to automate the maintenance schedules for its after-sales services.
The field managers wished to attach documents such as user guides to PPM schedules residing in safe and secure cloud servers and instantly accessible. They preferred to perform maintenance wisely based on the extent of actual usage of machines for production cycles and monitoring of working conditions instead of calendar-based schedules.
They expected the application to generate breakdown tickets for robust machinery rather than a manual generation for bringing them back to production at the earliest. They wished a person working in the capacity of an account manager to address customer concerns from different regions through the application.

Solutions Provided by InnoMaint

ATE Group rolled out automation to save time, record reliable data on service history continually, and upkeep the health of machinery. The field service managers defined preventative maintenance schedules for assets installed in customer locations and split them up into simple tasks that can be classified into inspection tasks, monitoring tasks, approval tasks, calibration tasks etc. The tasks were further divided into simple and comprehensive step by step checklist retrievable by the technician working on it easily via mobile devices. The person assigned with the task need to check each checklist item as an acknowledgement of execution. This wiped out delays due to ignorance and incomplete fixes.
To make things easier for technicians at field, documents could be attached to schedules, even at task level. Multimedia illustration made it simple to articulate the issues. While performing routine scheduled maintenance based on calendar, parameter reading or at irregular intervals, technician can raise a service request quickly upon noticing a nearing or hidden failure through QR code scan even if he is yet to be registered with the application by just providing name and mobile number. Such a system with a solution bank providing device specific solutions based on incident data contributed by experienced technicians made the job of technicians much easy. Managers defined SLAs for each stage of the ticket & Preventive Maintenance tasks in the queue with multiple and multilevel reminders and escalations.
As a solution to their specific requirement, InnoMaint provided the provision for raising an automatic breakdown ticket when the host machine has stopped working. This ascertained serious issue was brought to notice and routed through the system immediately. The CMMS provides an Account manager role to receive service requests from different customers across various locations, assign them with technicians in full view of the dynamic workload and expertise of the technician.


  The on-time completion rates of PPM schedules on customer premises improved to 90%.
✔  SLAs helped in accelerating work orders at each stage.
  IoT-based maintenance helped optimize production and track the operating duration of the machine.
✔  Automated ticketing system upon breakdown best-optimized machine uptime.
  Auto allocation of work bettered asset life cycles, reducing operational expenditure, labor cost, effort & time.
✔  Balanced work delegation, best technician dispatch & better customer communication by an account executive.

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