Laksana Established in 1997, PT. Laksana Kurnia Mandiri Sejati(Lakumas) is one of the most prominent textile spinning mill specialized in production of export quality synthetic yarn. The mill based out of Indonesia owns the pride of having exported yarn to Japan, U.S.A, Middle East etc.

The mill improved its revenues and profit margins to the stage of taking over Bandung spinning mill in 2006. Lakumas aims to produce quality yarn for knitting and weaving with a total capacity of 40,000 spindles for Acrylic / Cotton production line. The organization has bagged ISO 9001:2008 certification in 2014.


Industry Textile Spinning Mills
Location Indonesia
Founded 1997

Problem Statement

With a good Year on Year growth, the spinning mill required a well organized system and processes in place to understand the maintenance workflow and master it to focus on core manufacturing processes. A CMMS system automating Preventive and Corrective Maintenance workflow to ensure a complete and quick service was needed.
They wished to maintain the full service history of machinery in a cloud environment which can be retrieved whenever on need. The full service history along with documents such as user manual, warranty card etc need to be available in a single location.

The concern felt that it would be nice if the CMMS system automated few production activities such as noting down the values of critical parameters at regular intervals so that any dangers associated with the breach in desirable values can be thwarted  and schedules triggered accordingly to perform corrective actions.

With large scale production the need for procuring, organizing and storing parts was felt. This was essential to ensure that there was no delay in supply of spares which is essential for a good performance on work orders.

Solutions Provided by InnoMaint

Corrective maintenance workflow ensured that no service requests fell through the cracks. This saved the day for Lakumas with quicker repairs. Even while working on scheduled PPM tasks, technician can raise a breakdown request. The system provides a provision for that. Hence the concerned stakeholders need not wait for the actual breakdown to occur.

InnoMaint  is flexible to the extent that any user who is not registered with the application can raise an emergency service request by just entering his name and mobile number. Rest of the details that constitute the profile can be filled later. It is also possible for any stakeholder to raise tickets instantly by just scanning the QR code pasted on the asset.

Before dispatch, the line managers can also view the dynamic visibility of workload of the technician. There is a provision for auto-assigning tickets. However based on the current workload or non-availability of technician, the ticket shall also be re-assigned. Ticket assignments can be conveniently done from anywhere round the clock. The technician receives notification on ticket assignment via push and email notifications in InnoMaint mobile app.

The application provided detailed, comprehensive and customizable reports for arranging quick meetings and arriving at well informed decisions on maintenance. The reports could be downloaded as ‘pdf’ as well. The Dashboard provided useful metrics for tracking performance of the technician such as engagement time, first time fix rates, on-time arrival etc.

The management leveraged the Solution Bank feature of InnoMaint available to the service technicians via easy to use & user friendly mobile app. The solutions to commonly occurring issues are usually created by senior technicians and approved by Operational Manager. Fixes to common and frequently occurring issues was delivered when the technicians required it providing instant help, on the field.

InnoMaint eliminated waiting time for spares with automatic reordering upon falling below a minimum level. The opening and closing stock during each transaction will be displayed to avoid discrepancies in actual stock level and in records.


   20% improvement in Turn around Time
   Best management of corrective maintenance
   Complete Service history available digitally
   Improved usage of resources
   30% Improvement in availability of spares
✔   Ability to define unique checklist for each machine

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