SPA group

Spa Group, which set foot in the oil & gas industry as a small spare parts manufacturer for gas detection systems in 1987, had gradually diversified its operations to become a well-known name for Safety and Training in the sector.Spa is India’s first safety services provider for hydrogen sulfide gas covering equipment rentals, providing technicians for safety training and undertaking equipment repairs onshore and offshore.Spa Group manufactures natural, safe, eco-friendly industrial cleaning products and specialty chemicals like Wax Dissolvers. Apart from the manufacture, it supplies oil drilling fluid chemicals and trades in metals/pipes/scrap, etc.The conglomerate also promotes the products and services of several Indian and International companies like 3M Scott, EWPS, K2 Construction Chemicals, etc., in India.


SPA Group

Industry Oil & Gas
Location India
Founded 1987

Problem Statement

As Spa Group scaled up its manufacture and trade, maintenance of mining equipment at client sites posed challenges. Catastrophic breakdowns of large equipment made the client firms take a dig at the service department of Spa Group and affected the purchase of chemicals and minerals manufactured and sold by Spa Group too.

The conglomerate decided to go in for a digital solution to stop sudden equipment failure. They wished the solution also addressed the issue of costly spare management.

With technicians spread across the globe, scheduling and tracking maintenance work in different geographic locations following various time zones became tedious. Maintenance managers found it difficult to ensure the maintenance crew had access to the right tools, updated information, and proper communication channels to complete their work.

Solutions Provided by InnoMaint

The management of Spa Group decided to take full ownership of maintenance at client facilities to end clueless breakdowns.  It defined well-thought-out PPM schedules with easy digital checklists accessible from any mobile device.  The PPM schedule automation at regular intervals reduced failures to bare minimum levels. Maintenance teams updated work status and progress even when offline. The updations were synchronized immediately when online. So all maintenance teams offshore and onshore were on the same page.

The true beauty of digitization was that the maintenance managers uploaded all the data on the assets, spares, and schedules from excel sheets to the application in bulk, at one go, effortlessly.The mobile-based ticketing system earned Spa Group the reputation of being a maintenance services partner rather than a mere provider. Any employee who noticed an issue raised a service request via a simple mobile scan of the QR code pasted on assets. The supervisors were instantly notified on the arrival of service requests, added necessary documents and information, and routed work orders through the system from their mobile, while on the go. The clients of Spa Group were happy with the immediate attention.

The application provided a provision for the maintenance team to store spares at client locations and be thorough on the stock at any time. It alerted concerned stakeholders whenever a spare type hit pre-defined low levels so that they could fill the inventory on time. Maintenance managers, technicians, and all end-users realized the power of ONE centralized cloud storage. Each technician had access to the same processes and required resources in the InnoMaint CMMS.


25% improvement in on-time maintenance completion

 Improvement in asset life span

 Better inventory management by doing away with over purchase

 Quicker availability of spares

 Amazing reduction in equipment downtime with 99.8% availability within a year

 Improvement in daily productivity upto 15%

 Three fold increase in mean time between failure


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