The facility management firm has the vision of transforming facilities by anticipating and implementing future trends as quickly as possible with global delivery standards in facility management.

It has the unique reputation of receiving ISO certifications. 

Services offered

 Commercial and residential building cleaning, floor polishing, integrated Facility Management(FM) covering specialized hard and soft services.

Industry Facility Management
Location India

Challenges Faced

Facility Management(FM) services were once considered non-core activities. The pandemic proved this belief wrong. There were practical difficulties in providing seamless services during the first two waves of the pandemic. Hence the FM firm resorted to a clever adoption of InnoMaint Facility Management Software(FMS) to battle the pandemic and maintain their reputation during lockdowns and long cycles of remote work without returning to the office for a long time.

The Top-level Management wished to oversee the work of Site heads and Service Technicians for their different customer locations and identify the cases where performance was not up to the mark.

They felt it difficult to adhere to the Service Level Agreement( SLA) governing the maximum time for a service request that is acceptable in each stage of the request. With the rising popularity in the state and country, they felt the burden of managing Planned Preventive Maintenance Schedules from the heaps of paperwork. It was difficult for them to have a glance at maintenance work for a specific week or month.


Solutions Provided by InnoMaint

As a long-term client of InnoMaint, the servicing firm took the timely decision bidding Goodbye to paper, excel sheets, and regularized maintenance with our CMMS. 

We brought best-in-class solutions closer to our esteemed clients, including this firm, as soon as they hit the market during the pandemic.

Energy Monitoring Solutions

Given the pandemic, companies are contemplating cutting costs at every avenue possible. InnoMaint helped the facility management company minimize utility & service expenses for its clients without impact on core operations. 

InnoMaint evolved with time by providing IoT-enabled Energy Monitoring Solution that goes deep into cutting the utility costs by monitoring current consumption patterns for erratic usage.  

Full Automation of Maintenance

 Service requests and PPM tasks were auto-assigned to a team or specified user. Any technician can take up the task, disabling for the rest in the group. The team supervisor could also assign tickets to technicians while on the move with dynamic visibility on technician workload for even work distribution. If Geo-Fencing feature is enabled, only techs within Geo-Fencing circle can accept tasks. In cases of disruption of internet connectivity, the technicians were able to work in offline mode.

 Admin and Customer can track technicians throughout their way for transparency in operations. The work order expenses and service date can be established beforehand and altered later. With a unique ID, all jobs are attended on a priority basis without falling through the cracks. Management could now find the ratio of closed tasks to outstanding tasks easily from the Dashboard. 

 The 52-week PPM calendar provided a convenient view of PPM schedules planned for the month or year. Technicians and factory staff quickly adapted to the Innomaint application and found it easy for daily use. Innomaint lifted all communication, location barriers in the form of a mobile app and multimedia ticketing system which easily portray the issue.


 Key Performance Index parameters such as First Time Fix Rate(FTFR), Mean Time Between Failure(MTBF), Engagement Time, Average Response Time, On-Time Rates, etc are available in the Dashboard.

 The Dashboard also provides pictorial Bar charts & Pie charts for the graphs on 

i) Asset vs Breakdown

ii) Breakdown Tickets

iii) Repeated Problems

iv) Schedule Status

v) Break down aging graph & the list of jobs in each stage.

Management can easily identify PPM compliance, backlogs, challenging assets, etc., for all customers.

QR Code and Solution Bank

Features such as QR code scanning help raise a ticket when asset details are unknown. It helped in providing complete and best fixes for the case. InnoMaint fully automated their Planned Preventive Maintenance Schedules and addressed the corrective maintenance, as well, effectively and amicably.

Solution Bank feature of InnoMaint provides solutions for commonly occurring issues. Senior technicians prepare them. After approval by the Facility Manager, they are available to Technicians. 

Calibration workflow provided by InnoMaint ensured the accuracy of all measuring instruments.



InnoMaint made the maintenance management process fully automatic by digitization, saving tonnes of paper.

Easier assignment of tasks from anywhere at anytime

Mobile App facility has been provided for Customers to monitor maintenance activities. 

The key parameters on maintenance were available for all customers.

Top-level Management was able to oversee the activities of the Location Head and Technicians.

Dashboard and highly customizable reports are available anytime for visibility into maintenance from remote locations.

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