Medtec Biomedical is primarily into service of Bio Medical equipments. The firm based in Raipur, Chhattisgarh also provides the equipments on rental basis. It is also a Distributor / Channel Partner of medical equipment, medical consumables & specializes in equipment calibration.

MedTec Bio Medical is a servicing company specializing in the repair and maintenance of medical equipments. The serviced products include medical consumables and bio medical equipments that are important to the success rate of surgeries and providing cure to the patients.

Medtec Biomedical
Industry Healthcare
Location India

Problem Statement

With the growth in business each year, the organization felt the pain in tracking the maintenance of supplied medical equipments. MedTec Bio Medical realized that routine preventive maintenance using automation was the only way ahead to maintain their reputation. The upkeep of accuracy of measuring instruments also posed a challenge.

Solutions Provided by InnoMaint

InnoMaint provided a unique workflow for calibration of measuring instruments with real time alerts in the form of SMS or in-app notifications so that technicians didn’t miss out on calibration tasks. The technician rating helped the retailer identify the best technician for the skillful jobs and dispatch the technicians nearest to health care facilities, based on GeoFencing, in case of urgent calls.
InnoMaint helped the management of MedTec Bio Medical in retaining knowledge on service of equipments in the form of solution bank. In the event of calibration task being attended by a technician without first hand knowledge on it, they were easily able to gain access to the procedure for performing calibration by means of Solution Bank which was instantly accessible from their mobile device.
InnoMaint simplified maintenance operations with full automation. As the automation provided a means to track each and every service request till completion, the number of backlogs were greatly reduced. They made people well versed with step by step procedure to define exhaustive PPM checklists supported by multimedia illustrations at task level.
The service organization placed their supervisors in the loop of maintenance and were in a better position to enforce compliance to tasks. Thus they boosted their image by greatly enhancing the reliability of medical equipments and consumables. More and more multi speciality hospitals entrusted maintenance to them as it upheld the trust, a very important factor in delivering quality health care to all.


  The speed of tracing documents such as user manuals and troubleshooting guides were improved by 50%.
   InnoMaint provided the senior management 90% Increased visibility into the big picture of maintenance which they were longing for.
   MedTec BioMedical were able to boost their brand image & expand their service business.
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