Roxy Roller Mills is an organization recognized nationally as a premium-quality wheat products manufacturer. The first manufacturing unit was founded in Hyderabad, in 1991, with a vision of manufacturing food that is safe, nutritious, and wholesome. Encouraged by the success of the first venture, the firm inaugurated its second unit in Bangalore, in 2003.

Their products are known for their quality, consistency, and timely supply. They have international food chains, star hotels and mechanized bakeries as a few of their key customers which speaks volumes of the product quality.

Roxy Roller Flour Mills (P) Ltd.

Industry Food Processing
Location India
Founded 1991

Problem Statement

As the company grew from its humble beginning in 1991 to be a regular supplier of wheat products to big star hotels it realized a fact. It was the need to manage its assets, production lines by itself in a regularized manner so that any asset does not fail suddenly hindering the production cycles without any hint of when will it be back for continuing the production cycles.
Unknown and sudden breakdowns will affect the timely delivery of their products to famous eateries. So to put an end to the uncertainties the Management decided to call forth routine preventive maintenance of all of its assets.
They wished to automate breakdown in addition to PPM to resume production activities at the earliest.
Recording service information on files, online excel sheets did not help them in the quick generation of reports to have a glance at the progress of maintenance activities and on what they could expect from various maintenance teams.
They realized that, at times, they also need to outsource a few maintenance tasks. The organization wanted to cover external service contractors in their regular workflow of automation.
Even for retrieving information on service history, they had to carry out a tiresome search which just ended up in wastage of time. Performing an internal audit on maintenance was a troublesome task.
As the company belongs to the Food Industry, the key parameters need to be monitored continuously for thwarting hazards by keeping Critical Control Points under control.

Solutions Provided by InnoMaint

InnoMaint rendered their production lines safe by routine PPM & effective means to raise and track service requests. They didn’t get lost in the middle with a clear definition for Service Level Agreement(SLA) that defined the tolerable time a service request or PPM schedule can remain in various stages such as New, Assigned, In Progress, Closed, etc.
Multimedia tickets helped in the exact portrayal of an issue and helped to provide complete fixes by running the service cycle in a normal mode after the service technician attended it. So there was no room for communication gaps or miscommunication.
They generated unique barcodes & QR codes for the unique identification of assets. InnoMaint helped in the retrieval of the entire service history of assets by pulling out maintenance data embedded in the codes upon a mobile scan. The workers in production units used this feature in their favor by easily raising tickets by scanning the same QR code when they were unsure of the asset details to raise a service request.
Every data on maintenance was recorded and stored on cloud servers instantly. These servers can be accessed round the clock with very high levels of uptime. In most cases, the downtime will be announced well in advance. Hence system audit becomes very easy, regular, systematic and the Dashboard provides valuable data on key performance metrics such as Engagement Time, Response Time, First Time Fix Rate, Mean Time Between Failures. Any long-pending outstanding tasks were represented in the dashboard for the senior management to get a handle on maintenance and intervene wherever necessary making data-driven decisions with a variety of reports that can be instantly generated.
Bed Driers and Fumigation chambers were brought within the scope of InnoMaint. The various processes such as cleaning, tempering, gristing, milling, storage & packaging are now under the scanner of InnoMaint CMMS which helps in even assignment of workload to technicians and ensures that the right job is assigned to the right person.
The unique monitoring point workflow of InnoMaint helps them in continuous monitoring of key parameters associated with manufacturing machines with the assignment of monitoring tasks. The parameters may be oil level, pressure, temperature, viscosity, humidity, etc. Upon the reach of dangerous values for primary and secondary health parameters, important persons were alerted with scheduled actions being triggered immediately for adherence to safe practices. Line supervisors easily monitored the temperature and other key parameters for assets.
Managers were able to establish Good Manufacturing Practices(GMP) for consistent production of food products following quality standards. Technicians were able to Schedule Internal & External calibration for devices like monthly thermometers so that measurements were always reliable & accurate.
The organization can standardize food hygiene & sanitation practices for covid-19 safety such as physical distancing, usage of masks & gloves, disinfection of touchpoints, protocols for delivery of food using our Food Packaging Industry Maintenance Software that is very relevant to the current scenario of Covid-19 pandemic.
Routine checks in terms of volume or mass during production and implement corrective actions in the form of easy checklists. Hence InnoMaint, undoubtedly, is a close fit for the Food Industry.


   InnoMaint contributed an increase in production amounting to 300 MT per day.
   We have helped them retain highly regarded certifications such as FSSC, ISO 22000:2005 & Halal India through regular and easy auditing.
   The organization was able to maintain the integrity of production lines with almost no failures.
   Effective monitoring of HACCP key parameters for food safety.
   Food wastage was minimized to acceptable levels.
✔   Managers were able to establish Good Manufacturing Practices.
✔   Tracking outsourced tasks was easier than before.

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